Ukanc is a fragmented town on the western end of Lake Bohinj in Slovenia. The idyllic town is located at the and of a valley. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, making it an excellent destination for lovers of nature.

Next to Ukanc are Mt. Vogel (1,922 m), the Mali vrh (1,642 m), the Peršivec mountain (1,761 m) and the Komarča rock (1,457 m).

One of the most attractive localities is Ukanc. The soil is also special, consisting mainly of alluvial rivers (Savica River, Ukanc Suha River - Ukanska Suha, and the Zagar Gorge).

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Map - Where is Ukanc located?

It is connected to Bohinjska Bistrica by road.

Ukanc is a tiny, scattered settlement at the western corner of Lake Bohinj. It is located only 5.5 km from the central town of the lake, Ribčev Laz. The cable car to Mount Vogel and the Savica Fall are also nearby. Ukanc is part of the Triglav National Park.

Ukanc map

Accommodation at Lake Bohinj

The town is especially suitable for accommodation. For those who do not want to stay in the busier towns of Lake Bohinj (Bohinjska Bistrica, Stara Fuzina, Ribcev Laz), Ukanc is the best choice. See Camp Bohinj, which is located on the shores of the lake.


#1 Sava Bohinjka, The origin of the Sava

The longest river in Slovenia, the Sava, flows from Lake Ukanc and Lake Bohinj. The Sava Bohinjka originates here next to Ukanc. It is a perfect place for hiking and trekking, which can be tried even with younger children due to its easy terrain.

The origin of River Sava 

#2 Savica Waterfall, Slap Savica

The most interesting area is the Savica Fall and the hiking trail leading to it. The popular attraction is an 8-minute drive away and half an hour’s walk from Ukanc.

Not only the waterfall is beautiful, but also the hiking trail leading here. Parking is available in a larger, larger car park. During the season, they take a ticket to the waterfall.

Savica falls
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#3 Mount Vogel

Those who rest near Lake Bohinj cannot miss the 1922 m high Vogel mountain. If you are going to conquer the mountain with a lift or on foot, you should start your journey from Ukanc.

Mount Vogel, Ukanc - Slovenia

#4 Austro-Hungarian cemeter (Vojaško Pokopališče)

The Austro-Hungarian cemetery with a wooden chapel is located in Ukanc, near the former Isonzo front of World War I.

  • Address: Vojaško Pokopališče Ukanc, Slovenia, Slovenia
  • Opening hours: 0:00 - 24:00
  • Free entry

#5 The Black Lake

Črno jezero

Bohinjsko jezero is a 1.5-hour walk away. Here is the landmark of the area, the Black Lake - in Slovenian Crno jezero.

Crno Jezero also known as the Black Lake

#6 Boat rental

Boats, kayaks and SUPs can be rented at the tip of Lake Bohinj, which belongs to Ukanc. Name of the station: Pomol ladja Bohinj - Ukanc.

  • Address: Ukanc 5, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia

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