The 129 km long Bohinj Nostalgia train connects the Slovenian city of Jesenice with the Italian city of Trieste. The railway is Slovenia's only nostalgia train. It passes through fabulous places like Vintgar Gorge and Nova Gorica.

Slovenia has a railway network of about 1,200 km. Slovenian cross-border trains pass mainly to Austria, Croatia, and Hungary. The most famous and considered to be the most beautiful is the Bohinj railway.

It is currently on the UNESCO World Heritage waiting list and the Slovenes are very hopeful that it will be on the final list soon.

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Map of Bohinj railway

The maps below show the route of the Bohinj train, which departs from Slovenia at Nova Gorica and continues on to Italy. The train stops at a total of 31 stops and covers a distance of about 130 km. The most popular stop is at Lake Bled.

Bohinj train


The entire 129 km route was completed between 1900 and 1906 in about 6 years. The train passes through 28 tunnels, under 5 arcades, and crosses more than 65 bridges!

The trails were built by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Its aim was to create a new strategic railway as part of the Neue Alpenbahnen, which would connect western Austria and southern Germany with the port of Trieste.

The line starts from Jesenice, at the southern end of the Karavanke Tunnel. It then crosses the Julian Alps through the Bohinj Tunnel, later crosses the border town of Nova Gorica before crossing the Italian border and reaching Trieste.

The Karst Railway is also connected to the Bohinj Railway. On this line, you will find the steepest section of the Slovenian railway network as you head towards Štanjel. Here the trains rise on a slope with a slope of 1/26.

Bohinj tunnel

On this line, we can also find the longest railway tunnel in Slovenia, the Bohinj Tunnel. It’s 6,327-meter-long and was built in 1904. The tunnel passes under the 1,498-meter-high Kobla mountain.

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Vintgar Gorge

You can see the train at several places during its journey. If you are walking in the Vintgar Gorge you can spot the nostalgia train as it bounces on the huge bridge above the end of the gorge (see the main picture). The gorge here is 53 meters wide and the bridge is 33.5 meters high.

Vintgar gorge, Slovenia

Solkan bridge

Next to the Vintgar Gorge, it offers another popular sight on the bridge over the Soca River near Solkan. The Solkan Bridge is the largest stone railway bridge in the world with a length of 219.7 meters! Its central arch is 85 meters wide.

This part of the line was built in 1906. No less than 4,533 limestone blocks from nearby Nessrezina were used for the bridge. These blocks are joined by thin layers of cement mortar.

During World War I, the bridge was damaged and was renovated in 1927. It was designed by architect Rudolf Jaussner and engineer Leopold Örley.

Nova Gorica bridge

Prices and tickets

The nostalgia train is an approx. a 2-hour program that takes place between Jesenice and Nova Gorica. The tour will cost roughly € 80 with a return ticket for adults. It is available in English and Slovenian.

  • Jesenice - Nova Gorica (round trip): 80 euros
  • Jesenice - Nova Gorica (round trip) for children: 45 euros
  • Jesenice - Nova Gorica (round trip) under 6 years: free

You can find more information about the route, prices, and timetable on the page of Bohinj.


Bohinj nostalgia train 

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