Just a stone’s throw from Lake Bled, you can find the Alpine Pokljuka Plateau, which has become one of the symbols of ecotourism in Slovenia. The forested plateau is one of the most gorgeous areas of the Triglav National Park, offering several easy and more difficult hiking and biking trails.

The iconic appearance of the plateau is due to its row of mountain huts, and its circularly planted forest.

The plateau itself is between 1,100 and 1,400 meters approximately. It is 20 km long and has almost the same width as it. The view of the karst region is broken here by swamps and marshes. Pokljuka administratively belongs to Bled, Bohinj, and Gorje.

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In addition to the world-famous biathlon competition held here every year, it is one of the country's most popular hiking, trekking, and cycling destinations from spring to autumn.

Pokljuka has one of the most diverse landscapes in the Triglav National Park

While the pine forest is inhabited by various forest animals, most of the valleys are covered with pasture where cows graze. The people living in the area are mainly involved in agriculture and livestock farming. Their primary product is the famous Slovenian cheese. It is an interesting fact, that in the summer you can simply knock on a local farmer’s door, and buy cheese from them right away.

Despite the fact that the plateau is fabulous and increasingly popular, only a few people know about it. That is why it is an ideal destination if you want to be together with your loved one for a little, or if you just wish to disappear from the eyes of the world for a day.

Map - Where is Pokljuka?

You will find the plateau very close to Bled, it is only 20-30 minutes by car. The plateau is part of the Triglav National Park, located on its edge halfway between Bled and Bohinj.

  • Distance from Bled: 25 minutes / 14 km
  • Distance from Lake Bohinj: 50 minutes / 35 km
Distance between Bled and Pokljuka
Distance between Bled and Pokljuka

#1 Planina Zajamniki (1313 m)

The 24 chalets next to each other are the Planina Zajamniki. It is perhaps the most famous part of Pokljuka. The "farmers" move back into these houses in the summer and farming begins.

In the background with the Julian Alps (Slovenian Alps), you can shoot a selfie that really fits into a postcard.

  • GPS coordinates: 46.31152, 13.93716.
A true hidden gem on Slovenia's palette: Pokljuka

#2 Pokljuka Gorge

If the Pokljuka plateau itself is little known, the Pokljuka cave and gorge are even less so. During this roughly 1-2 hour program, you will have to walk into a narrow gorge that later clings to the side of a cliff. The road, built at enormous heights, eventually leads to a cave with several windows.

You will have to go back on the path you took the way in.

The unparalleled natural treasure has only been touched a little so that it is walkable and safe, but it has taken nothing of its value. The strait at the northern end of the plateau is located in Zgornje Gorje.

  • Address: 4247 Zgornje Gorje, Slovenia
  • Distance from Bled: 15 minutes / 8 km
  • Distance from Pokljuka plateau: 18 minutes / 9.3 km
Pokljuka gorge and cave, located just a few minutes from Bled
Pokljuka deserves to be included on the list of Slovenia's Top 50 attractions.

#3 village of Koprivnik

Koprivnik is a small village on the Pokljuka plateau. You can leave your car at the white-towered church in the centre of the village. Walking on road 11A, you will reach Vodnikov razglednik, meaning the Vodnikov lookout point, in about 20 minutes.

Pokljuka, Koprivnik
Pokljuka, Koprivnik - The centre of the village is the church with a white tower

#4 Visevnik mountain (2050 m)

If you want to conquer a nearby mountain, I can recommend the summit of Visevnik, which you will find 2050 meters above sea level. The hiking trail itself starts from Rudno Polje and takes approximately 2 hours one way.

Visevnik is one of the easiest peaks to conquer of the 2,000s in Slovenia, so if you are walking in the area and you have time for the almost 4-hour tour, head to Visevnik!

Panorama of Visevnik, Pokljuka plateau, Slovenia

#5 Podjelje

Podjelje, like Planina Zajamniki, is a tiny place made up of wooden houses. If you want, you can connect the two locations, as there is a hiking route between Podjelje and Planina Zajamniki.

Podjelje, Pokljuka Plateau, Slovenia

Pokljuka in winter

In winter, it is not the cyclists who take control of the plateau, but those who want to snowshoe. Pokljuka is the most popular winter hiking and snowshoeing destination in Slovenia.

This is mostly due to the fact that the countryside is fabulous even in winter, it is close to Bled and the terrain is easy, so families and children can both enjoy snowshoeing.

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