Lake Bled

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Everything about Bled. The most important sights, natural treasures and programs from the most beautiful region of Slovenia. ๐Ÿฐ ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

Bohinj Nostalgia Train - The most beautiful railway in Slovenia

The 129 km long Bohinj Nostalgia train connects the Slovenian city of Jesenice with the Italian city of Trieste. The railway is Slovenia's only nostalgia train. It passes through fabulous places like Vintgar Gorge and Nova Gorica. Slovenia has a railway network of about 1,200 km. Slovenian cross-border trains...

Vintgar Gorge 2022 โ€“ Prices, opening hours, weather, etc.

Vintgar Gorge is located only 5 km away from the town of Bled, and it is one of the most outstanding sights of Slovenia, perhaps even of whole Europe. This gorge is a top destination for hikers, families, and groups. We have summarized the most important information for you in...

Bled Castle (2022) - Everything you need to know to visit

Lake Bled is one of the most visited destinations in Slovenia. Many people come mainly because of the lake or the Vintgar-gorge, but you cannot miss a Bled Castle, which is more than a thousand-year-old. Walking to the castle and spending time there is also an ideal medieval program with...

Pokljuka Top 5 Attractions- The most beautiful plateau in Slovenia

Just a stoneโ€™s throw from Lake Bled, you can find the Alpine Pokljuka Plateau, which has become one of the symbols of ecotourism in Slovenia. The forested plateau is one of the most gorgeous areas of the Triglav National Park, offering several easy and more difficult hiking and biking...

11 Awesome Outdoor Activities to do in Slovenia in Winter

Looking for winter outdoor ideas for Slovenia? Here are 11 inexpensive winter wonderland activities, all within easy reach from the capital city, Ljubljana. With mountain ski resorts, iced-over lakes, frozen waterfalls, and snow-laden forests, plateaus, and peaks, there is a huge range of things to do during winter. For active...

Lake Bled 2022 - TOP 15 Attractions You Donโ€™t want to miss

Lake Bled is the symbol of not just the city of Bled but of Slovenia as a whole. The island in the middle of Lake Bled is like a jewel, and the church standing on it attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are countless attractions hidden by the lake...

Gravel Epic, Slovenia (Bled) - Bike Race

Almost 200 hundred kilometers of spectacular views, beautiful climbs, and fast descents await you in Gravel Epic Slovenia. This bike race is a perfect mix of tarmac and forest roads. Plus, you can enjoy the amazing Slovenian countryside and the amazing Triglav National Park. Founded in 2019, Gravel Epic is...
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