Not far from Lake Bohinj, in the Triglav National Park, you will find the Savica Waterfall. One of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia strikes at an altitude of 78 meters and strikes the ground in two special streams. It is an ideal program even with children when we are in the area.

The waterfall is called Slap Savica in Slovene.
Savica waterfall, Triglav National Park

Map - Where is Savica Falls?

Address, map, approach, entrance, parking, distance

The waterfall belongs to Bohinjsko jezero, which is reached west of Lake Bohinj via the village of Ukanc. The distance from the lake is about 5 km.

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  • Address: 4265 Bohinjsko Lake, Slovenia

If you start on foot from the lake, you have to follow a well-marked footpath from Hotel Zlatorog. After about an hour's walk, you will reach the car park under Savica Falls. By car on the paved road, you have to drive to the parking lot of Koča pri Savici.

  • Distance from Lake Bohinj: 5 km / 10 minutes
  • Distance from Bled: 35 km / 40 minutes
Savica Waterfall - Lake Bohinj distance


You have to pay for parking on site. Parking costs around € 4 for 3 hours.

More about the waterfall

Savica Waterfall, one of the most famous Slovenian waterfalls, stems from the steep wall of Komarča (836 meters high). The source of the river Sava Bohinjka.

Its popularity is due to two things. One is that it is located next to one of the most visited sights in the country, not far from Bohinj Lake - the other reason is its special shape.

It is not uncommon to see the waterfall turn into two separate branches and appear on the surface in a smaller as well as a larger stream of water. Many refer to its shape as an "A". Its height reaches 78 meters, its water flow varies from season to season.

The main stream leading to the waterfall comes from the area of ​​the Triglav Lakes (water flowing from Pršivec) that we wrote about earlier. Here, the water disappears in a karst cave, then it appears at the waterfall and then crashes into the emerald green lake below. The original karst cave hides many siphons and underground lakes in its depths and can only be approached with a guide using proper equipment.

Savica Waterfall video


Savica Waterfall is only a short walk away. Expect a large crowd on the gravel forest trail in high season - it won’t be the most relaxing experience. The 550-step path of approximately 1 km can be made in 20 to 25 minutes - in each direction.

It’s worth noting that some may find the program frustrating. The main reason for this is that the foot of the waterfall is closed to visitors, so we can only see it from behind a grid a few meters away.

Our suggestion is to visit it if you are in the area, but if you are not nearby, do not travel too much for it, as it does not offer an experience like Pericnik or Boka Falls.

Hiking path to Savica (from the parking lot)

Opening hours

The waterfall can be visited all year round, depending on the weather conditions. The daily opening (8-10) and the evening closing vary from season to season (16-20). The whole program will take ~ 1  hour.

  • Season: Jan - Dec
  • Opening hours: every day, 10:00 - 16:00 or 8:00-20:00


You have to exchange tickets for the waterfall, and you also have to pay for parking. Have cash with you.

  • Adult ticket: 3 euros
  • Child ticket: 1.50 euros
  • Parking: 4 euros / 3 hours

Child friendly?

Yes, children get a discount on admission to the waterfall. However, the program is also ideal for kids, it is worth telling them in advance that you can’t go close to the waterfall. Otherwise, they might be disappointed.


No, unfortunately, you have to use stairs on the path to the waterfall, so you can’t go either with a stroller or a wheelchair.

Dog friendly?

Yes, we can bring your dog on a leash on the way to the waterfall.

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