The most famous waterfall in Slovenia is the Kozjak Waterfall, the largest is the Boka waterfall, and the most beautiful are the Pericnik Waterfalls. Although we have already written a summary article about the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Slovenia, the 52-meter Pericnik waterfall is worth a separate article.

Two things give the iconicity of the waterfall. One factor is that the waterfall consists of two waterfalls, one in Upper Pericnik and one in Lower Pericnik. The other curiosity is that you can walk behind the waterfall, making the experience unique.

Quick Details

Pericnik Waterfall Details
Country Slovenia
Location Mojstrana, Vrata valley, Triglav NP
Slovene name Slap Pericnik
Address Pericnik Waterfall, 4281 Mojstrana, Slovenia
Distance from Bled 30 mins / 30 km
Season Jan - Dec
Opening hours 00:00 - 24:00
Admission 0 euro (free)
Height 52 m, 16 m
Parking Koča pri Peričniku (3 - 5 euro)
Hiking trail approx. 2 x 15 mins


Pericnik lower waterfall, Slovenia 

Map - Where is Pericnik Falls?

Address, approach, distance, parking, entrance

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The waterfall is located in the Vrata Valley in the northeastern part of the Triglav National Park, not far from Bled. The waterfall belongs to the municipality of Mojstrana and can only be reached by hiking. The waterfall is also within a comfortable reach from the mountain resort, Kranjska Gora.

  • Address: Pericnik Waterfall, 4281 Mojstrana, Slovenia
  • Distance from Bled: 30 minutes / 31 km
  • Distance from Kranjska Gora: 25 minutes / 19 km
  • Distance from Bovec: 1.5 hours / 65 km
Pericnik waterfall map - Distance from Bled


Going in the direction of Mojstrana (from Kranjska Gora) by the road you will notice a huge car park (about 10 km). This car park belongs to the Koča pri Peričniku (mountain lodge). You need to park your car here.

  • Parking: Koča pri Peričniku Guesthouse
  • Fee: 3 - 5 euros
  • Payment: in the cottage in cash

Hiking trail

You will find two waterfalls, consisting of a lower waterfall and an upper waterfall. Starting from the road, you will first reach the lower waterfall, which is the larger one - with a height of 52 meters.

It is located about 15 minutes from the Pericniku mountain lodge. The road is well maintained, signposted, and not too steep. Following the hiking trail, you will see the waterfall quite ahead.

You can walk behind the first waterfall from any direction and you can even take pictures from behind the fall.

To visit the first waterfall, you will need approx. 1 hour.

The second waterfall

The hike to the second waterfall will take you through on a more difficult terrain. You will find the way up to your left if you are facing the lower waterfall. This is a bit more technical, as the terrain will be steeper here.

At the car park you will find a map showing the hiking trail to the upper waterfall. You might want to take a photo of the map.

  • Lower waterfall (Spodnji Peričnik): 52 m
  • Upper waterfall (Zgornji Peričnik): 16 m

By ticking the lower waterfall, you can decide to go completely into the Vrata valley and go all the way to the Aljazev dom mountain hut.

Important information

  • It is important that you have a thin raincoat or a hoodie because it will be cooler in the valley and the water spray will be very strong.
  • If you want to go behind the waterfall, be sure to wear hiking boots (non-slip, ankle grip) because that part behind the waterfall is very slippery!
  • If you also want to hike to the second waterfall, you will also need proper hiking boots.

Opening hours and prices

The waterfalls can be visited every day of the year from 0 to 24 hours. Closure usually only occurs if the route becomes dangerous (eg in winter). But for the lower waterfall (the larger one) this is very rare. Fortunately, both the lower and upper waterfalls can be visited free of charge all year round.

  • Season: January - December, every day
  • Opening hours: 0-24
  • Admission: free
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Pericnik waterfall in winter

The waterfall can be visited even in winter, and even its frozen sight is our real gem in the line of winter views. If you are skiing in Kranjska Gora or just wintering in Bled, don't miss the snowy, icy waterfall.