It is the jewel of the High Tatras and the second-highest point in Slovakia. The huge Lomnický štít can not be missed on any trip to the Tatras, as we are talking about its most visited place in the park. The special feature of the mountain is the cable car which helps thousands of tourists to get to the top - every year. So, you don't have to be a great hiker to enjoy the most beautiful panorama in the country.

The peak, once known as Dedo (Slovak means 'father'), offers magnificent views. In clear weather, you can see all the way to the Polish Great Plain or the domestic mountains.

Another interesting feature of the summit is that it is also the highest workplace in Slovakia since the 1950s, a meteorological station.

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Lomnicky Stit Details
Country Slovakia
Height 2634 m
Climbing season Jan-Dec
Location High Tatras
Address Lomnicky Stit 059 60 Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia
Distance from Bratislava 4 hours / 350 km
Average temperature -3 degrees
Cable car - location Tatranská Lomnica
Cable car - opening hours Open every day
Best months to climb June - Oct
First summit Robert Townson (1793)


Lomnicki stit peak, Slovakia

Where is the Lomnicky stit?

Address, distance, approach, getting there

Lomnicky Stit is located in the High Tatras, Slovakia. The starting point of the cable car is in Tatranská Lomnica, so you have to get here by car. From Bratislava, it is an approx. 4 hours drive and only 25 minutes from Poprad.

  • Distance from Bratislava: 4 hours / 350 km
  • Distance from Poprad: 20 minutes / 18 km

Cable car

A cable car takes you from Tatranská Lomnica to the top, overcoming a level difference of no less than 1,700 meters. The lift station also has a café, an observatory and a meteorological station.

It has 4 stations, which follow each other in the following order:

Cable car Station Capacity Capacity/hour Opening hours
Tatranská Lomnica (903 m) Starting station 4 people 900 people 08:30 - 16:00
Start (1165 m) First station 15 people 2 400 people 08:30 - 16:00
Skalnaté Pleso (1751 m) Second station 14 people 45 people 09:00 - 15:00
Lomnicky Stit (2634 m) Upper station - - -

You will need to change lifts at each station. This means you will take 3 different lifts if you go to the top. But don't worry, the cable cars are located close to each other.

While the lift from the lowest station can carry 900 people per hour and the middle lift carries 2,400 people per hour - the last one takes only 45 people every hour.

Cable car of Lomnicky stit | source
Lomnicky stit map - cable car | source

You will find the observation tower at the top.

We advise you to buy your ticket for the top lift in advance (2-3 days earlier) in the summer season! Don't forget, this lift takes only 45 people per hour. 

Tatranská Lomnica

The resort town is located below the peak. The former shepherd's village now has about 1,650 inhabitants, most of whom live off tourism.

The area became part of Czechoslovakia with the Treaty of Trianon, and in 1947 it became an independent village. It has been part of the city of High Tatras (also known as the Tatra Towns) since 1999. The Museum of the Tatra National Park is also located here.

Tatranská Lomnica is located in the eastern part of the High Tatras, 16 km north of Poprad and 6 km northeast of Starý Smokovec.

Skalnaté Pleso

Lake Skalnaté Pleso is located at 1,754 meters. Its area is approx. 1 hectare and a depth of 2 meters. The lake has been known for almost a hundred years to be in danger as its water supply dwindles, despite efforts to save it.

Here, you will find the second station of the cable car, and this is the last stop before the peak.

The Skalnata Chata mountain lodge can be found here - not far from the lake. The hut provides not only warm food but has 12 beds as well (one room with 4 beds and another room with 8 beds).

Its name Skalnaté Pleso (which means stone lake) is derived from the present name of the valley. The Polish name, on the other hand, was given from the older name of the valley, which is Dolina Łomnicka (Lomnic Valley) and the lake is accordingly Łomnicki Staw (Lomnic Lake).

Skalnaté pleso station, Lomnicky Stit
Why are the High Tatras so popular? The High Tatras are the smallest high mountains in the world. Due to its central place n Europe, many tourists can visit it with a comfortable drive. Thousands of hikers, skiers, and families come from the Czech Rep, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, etc. 

Hiking route

The High Tatras are a popular excursion paradise, and it is no different around Lomnicky. Since the cable car was built (1940), the number of tourists has grown, as the lift stations are the perfect starting point for hiking and conquering the summit.

Lomnicky stit Hiking route
Starting point Starý Smokovec
Parking Starý Smokovec
Level difference aprox. 1,150 m
Recommended duration 2 days (plus 1 - 2 extra days)
Day 1 1.5 hours descent
Day 2 7 hours descent, 5 hours ascent
Day 3 Extra day
Accommodation Zamkovszkého chata
The usual climbing route for the summit is to approach the ridge on the southeast side.

You can reach the peak from the Zamkovszky guest house via the Lomnické Sedlo Pass. The tour (with a good physique) will take about 7 hours from the hut to the top.

On the way back to Lake Skalnaté Pleso, it is worth having dinner at the guest house in the evening.

Lomnicky Stit hike Section Height Duration Day
Tatranská Lomnica Starting point 1 272 m - Day 1
Zamkovskeho chalet Accommodation 1 475 m 1.5 hours Day 1
Lomnické Sedlo Pass Rest 2 184 m 4 hours Day 2
Lomnicky stit Peak 2 634 m 3 hours Day 2
Lomnické Sedlo Pass Descent 2 184 m 2 hours Day 2
Lake Skalnaté Pleso Dinner 1 750 m 1 hour Day 2
Zamkovskeho chalet Accommodation 1 475 m 1.5 hours Day 2
Starý Smokovec Descent 1 272 m 1.5 hours Day 3

It is recommended to stay in the Zamkovskeho mountain hut on the 2nd day so that there is no rush. It is worth adding 1 - 2 extra days to the whole hike so that in case of bad weather you have the opportunity to try the summit the next day.

Hike Lomnicky stit

How hard is it to climb Lomnice Peak?

Conquering the summit is difficult, and excellent physical condition, fitness, and routine are essential. In addition, as always, good movement coordination is required.

If you haven’t climbed a 2,000-meter mountain yet, you might want to start with a lower peak. In Austria, you will find the Rax (2007 m) and Schneeberg (2076 m) mountains reaching just 2,000 meters.

When can you climb Lomnicky Stit?

The Lomnice Peak can be climbed every day of the year, but many climb it during summer for the first time. Before climbing in winter, it is definitely worth climbing the summit at least once in a summer month.


Around the peak, the average temperature is around -3 degrees. You can see the current weather and the forecast on the meteoblue or mountain forecast pages.

Neighbouring peaks

Slovakia's highest peak can be also found here, in the High Tatras. The outstanding Gerlachovský štít peak takes the gold home with its 2,655 meters. From the northwest, the Pyšný štít is its nearest significant neighbour, while from the northeast, the Kežmarský štít.

Climbing history

The first official and known climber of the mountain peak was Robert Townson in 1793. There is no proven information, but according to some sources, the Scottish climber was preceded in 1615 by David Frölich.

The naturalist did not record which peak of the Tatras he climbed, so there are experts who believe that Frölich did not conquer Lomnicky, but the Kežmarský štít.

  • Robert Townson, 1793
  • David Frölich, 1615