The Tatras have many wonderful natural attractions, one of the pearls of which is Lake Štrbské Pleso. The special feature of the lake area is that there are plenty of leisure activities in winter and summer, and the landscape shows its new face every season.

Strbské Pleso is more than a small pond in the Tatras. Its popularity is also because it is the second-largest lake in the mountain range, which has particularly clear water and has been visited by tourists for centuries.

The village also includes the village of Štrbské, which is now referred to as Štrbské Pleso.


Lake Strbske Pleso

Map - Where is Lake Strbske Pleso?

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Lake Strbske Pleso is located in the northern part of Slovakia. It is located in the Tatras, 320 km from Bratislava. The lake is 1346 meters above sea level. Next to the lake, there is also a resort town called Štrbské Pleso, where you can choose from a wide range of hotels, apartments and wellness hotels.

  • Distance from Poprad: 30 mins/ 30 km
  • Distance from Kosice: 1.5 hours/ 130 km
  • Distance from Bratislava: 3.5 hours/ 330 km
The Štrbské Pleso

Hiking around the lake

The nearby mountains and forests offer plenty of hiking opportunities, and a chairlift is not far from the lake.

The loop trail around the lake is 2 km long, during which you can enjoy a fairytale sight. The lake's clear water reflects the snowy peaks of 2000 meters, while on the other side, you can see a charming picture of a small Slovak town.

In the beginning, the lake and its surroundings became popular because it also functioned as a climatic health resort and is still visited by many due to the influence of the mountain air and medicinal waters.

Ski resort

The 2,000-meter-high mountain next to the lake offers skiing and other winter sports opportunities.

  • Length of ski slopes: 8.3 km
  • Elevation: 1376 - 1840 m
  • Level difference: 464 m
  • Blue trails: 2.7 km
  • Red tracks: 5.6 km
  • Black tracks: 0 km
  • Number of lifts: 7 lifts

In the 20th century, the countryside regularly hosted international and world-class winter sports competitions, including the European Hockey Championships and later a winter polo competition on the lake.

Ski resort map

Ski jump

Due to the excellent conditions for ski jumping in the area, a two-part ski jumping stadium was built in the 1960s. The little rampart is still in use today, but the big one is referred to as a “sleeping giant”.

Utilizing the infrastructure, enjoyable games were installed next to the stadium, especially for children, including a water dojo and trampolines.

The chairlift

One of the most exciting attractions in the area is the chairlift. Starting from the village of Štrbské Pleso, you can take a short walk to the ticket office of the lift, where you can buy your tickets, and then take a little walk and arrive at the lower entrance, which is at 1386 meters.

The cable car runs on the side of the hill called Predné Solisko and flies up to 1814 meters. The ride takes roughly 7 minutes, during which the chairlift travels slowly at a starting pace.

Poprad and Lake Poprad

Lake Poprad (Popradské Pleso) can be reached on foot. The distance between the two lakes is only 5 kilometres, with some ascents and even more descents. So you don't have to expect a demanding hike.

The size of Lake Poprad is slightly smaller than Lake Štrbské, but they are very similar in appearance. The lake got its name after the nearest town, Poprad - which is known as the gateway to the High Tatras. Here, you will find a vibrant cultural life.

Lake Poprad

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