The 85-hectare Volčji Potok Arboretum was opened to visitors in 1952. It is the most visited botanical garden in Slovenia and has become known for its spring flower shows in recent years. The arboretum is primarily a botanical garden of woody plants, making it the only one in the country.

It was originally part of the Souvan family estate in 1885, which was taken over by the University of Ljubljana in 1952 and declared cultural and natural heritage of national significance.

The arboretum is home to 4,800 trees, 1,000 different roses, and 2 million tulips.

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Volcji Potok Arboretum Details
Country Slovenia
Location Ljubljana area
Closest big city Ljubljana (24 km)
Address Volčji Potok 3, 1235 Radomlje
Opening hours 08:00 - 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00
Admission 9 - 4 Euros
Duration 2 - 3 hours
Dog-friendly? Yes
Website Website


Volcji Potok Arboretum

Where is the Volcji Potok Arboretum?

Address, distance, map, parking, entrance

The arboretum is located between Ljubljana and Maribor. Volcji Potok is a village on the left bank of the river Kamnik Bistrica in the municipality of Kamnik in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.

At motorway exit 24, take the Domzale exit. After the exit, follow the road to Radomlje. When you reach the Radomlje roundabout, drive out towards the garden. The Arboretum is 6.5 km from the motorway exit.

  • Address: Arboretum Volčji Potok, Volčji Potok 3, 1235 Radomlje
  • Distance from Maribor: 1.5 hours / 115 km
  • Distance from Ljubljana: 0.5 hours / 20 km
Volcji potok arboretum map - Ljubljana distance


Free parking for cars and buses is available in front of the entrance.

About the botanical garden

The spacious arboretum with pebble paths is also suitable for long walks. If you want to spend a few minutes in a green area and take a quiet stroll, it will be an ideal choice.

Tulips, rhododendrons, roses, water lilies, and many other interesting plants await visitors. A rich selection of special trees and shrubs ensures fresh air and a noise-free environment. A real earthly paradise for lovers of gardens and nature.

Slovenians walk to the arboretum in early spring to enjoy the colourful awakening of nature. This is when horse chestnuts bloom - and so does the whole park. It is a perfect time to admire the birth of a young life.

Of course, the Volcji Potok Arboretum is a popular destination throughout the season. On hot summer days, charming, cheerful flower beds and 2 million tulips will delight.

The park is also popular in the fall when the landscape is varied in picturesque colours. Dry leaves rustle under your feet to find peace and solitude and take advantage of the last warm rays of the sun.


Map of the arboretum | Source:

Visiting the arboretum

The park can be visited individually, no reservation is required. Guided tours in Slovenian, German, English and Italian are also available in the botanical garden, where you can learn more about the plants and their care. A group must apply for a guided tour at least 14 days in advance.


  • Spring flower show and fair
  • Cactus and orchid exhibition (permanent attraction)
  • Rose Garden (permanent attraction)
  • Dinosaur statues (permanent attraction)

There is an event in the garden almost every month. More information on these can be found on the garden's website.

Opening hours

The park is open every day of the year - which is also unique as many arboretums are not open in the winter. Daily opening hours vary by season.

  • November - February: 08:00 - 17:00
  • March, October - 08:00 - 18:00
  • April - August: 08:00 - 20:00
  • September: 08:00 to 19:00

Prices and tickets

It is not possible to buy an online ticket to the garden. Payment can be made on-site by card and cash. You don't need to reserve your spot in advance.

  • Adult ticket: 9 euros
  • Family ticket: 21 euros
  • Children's ticket: 7 - 4 euros
  • Retirement ticket: 7 euros
  • Dog ticket: 2 euros
  • Group management: 80 euros / group