Slovenia is famous for its rich forests, waters and caves. Who would not have heard of the Postojna or Skocjan caves? Surprisingly, not these two are considered to be the most beautiful caves, but the less-known Krizna Cave (Križna jama) created by water activity.

Not far from the Skocjan cave system (in the Slovenian karst world), this underground wonder has been created. The water dug into the limestone and formed dazzling formations and stalactite columns. Moreover, the cave hides 50 different beautiful green lakes.

Krizna is the longest spring cave in the world. 

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Quick Details

The Krizna Cave can be the crown of a trip to Slovenia, not just for those who like the underground world. Nonplus Ultra that the cave can only be visited by boat.

Krizna cave Details
Known for The world's longest spring cave
Local name Križna jama
Location Slovenia
Ljubljana distance 1 hour / 55 km
Address Bloška Polica 7, 1384 Grahovo, Slovenia
Opening hours 15:00 (booking needed)
Prices 10 - 280 Euro
Barrier-free? No
Dog-friendly? No


Krizna Cave
Krizna cave, Slovenia

Where is the Krizna Cave?

Address, map, distance, entrance, parking, approach

Krizna is located in the karst region of Slovenia, in the southern part of the country, an hour's drive from Ljubljana. For those going to the Slovenian coast, the cave is on its way.

The cave is named after a Holy Cross on top of the hill Krizna Gora, where the cave is situated.

  • Address: Bloška Polica 7, 1384 Grahovo, Slovenia
  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1 hour / 55 km
  • Distance from the Slovenian coast: 2 hours / 120 km
Krizna cave map - Ljubljana distance

Guided tours in the cave

Approx. 10 km section has been explored so far, but its full length and all parts have not yet been mapped. The already discovered parts have been divided into a total of 4 parts: First Lake, Bear Tunel, Calvary, Crystal Mountain

All of them can be visited by a guided tour.

Parts of the cave Tour type Duration Price Group tour available?
First lake Boat tour 1 hour 12 euros Yes
Calvary Boat tour 3 - 4 hours 50 - 80 euros On request
Chrystal Mountain Boat tour 6 - 7 hours 280 euros On request
Bear Tunel Boat tour 1 - 2 hours 15 euros On request
Choose layered clothing: wear long pants, top and sweater, and long, warm socks. When entering the cave, everyone gets rubber boots and a flashlight.


Visitors have been visiting the cave for a long time, but the Slovenian Karst and Cave Research Association only developed a more accurate map of it in the second half of the 20th century. Some new sections were also uncharted at this time.

According to Slovenian experts, it is very strange that such a long underground system has only one entrance. Therefore, it is believed that the cave was formed by the collapse of the ceiling.

Krizna jama map | Source: loskadolina

If you are arriving with a larger group, be sure to contact the cave and ask for an appointment. The boats can accommodate a total of 60 people.

Opening hours

You can walk through the four parts described earlier, of which only the shortest one-hour group starts regularly at First Lake. For the remaining three areas, an appointment must be made in advance and booked.

During the First Lake tour, you will sit in a 20-person motorized raft operated by a specialist.

  • High season: April - October
  • Group weekdays: 15:00
  • Group weekends: 11:00, 15:00

In the high season, groups leave every day at 3 pm, and even at 11 am on weekends. We don't have to book your spot for this tour.

  • Winter season: November - March
  • Group weekdays: -
  • Group weekend: 15:00

During the winter season, the cave is only open on weekends and the group boat tour only starts at 3 p.m.

Organized tours

If you want to explore more of the cave, choose a longer tour by contacting the cave. Alternative programs are available every day of the year on request and should be inquired at least 2 weeks in advance.


Children from the age of 3 can participate in the tour.

  • The first lake, group tour price: 7 - 12 euros
  • Calvary, individual tour price: between 40 and 80 euros
  • Crystal Mountain, individual tour price: 280 euros / 4 people (if your group is less, you still have to pay the full amount)
  • Bear tunel, individual tour price: 15 - 18 euros

Admission includes rental of the battery lamp and rubber boots, as well as basic accident insurance for the duration of the tour.

It is important to point out that you cannot pay by card in the cave, only with cash!


Krizna jama video

More about the cave

The cave's special features are the green lakes separated by limestone tuff dams, of which a total of fifty have been discovered so far. The crystal clear waters of the Krizna rush down from a nearby plateau and later, come to the surface on the fields of Cerknica (river Steberscica).

It was not until 1926 that explorers were able to overcome the limestone tuff obstacles in front of the First Lake. Later the most beautiful part of the Krizna Cave revealed itself to them, which can only be reached by boat due to its small pool full of water. The most photographed part of the cave is Calvary, where stalagmites, stalactites, and columns can be seen. Here the cave is divided into two parts.

The Bear Tunel can only be entered by boat, here you will find the huge King Matthias Column. On the same stretch, in the larger hall, slender stalactites. The accessible part of the cave ends here.

Among the underground halls, it is not possible to miss the lakes, some of which reach a depth of up to 6 meters. At first, it looks like the stalactites are growing straight out of the water, but that’s just the appearance, of course. Stalactite formations existed long ago when the small pools were filled with water. As they emerge from the water, however, it is undoubtedly a breathtaking sight.

The Krizna Cave is one of the most valuable natural formations in Slovenia, in which in fact every single tourist visit causes damage.

The Association, therefore, wants Krizna to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, thus providing even greater protection. This is how they want to preserve the unique ecosystem of the cave.

Anyone who visits this underground world, the green lakes, the stalactites of different colors and shapes, the huge halls, will never forget it. The Krizna Cave is a work of nature created over many millennia, the invaluable value of which should not be overlooked.


In the 19th century, the remains of a bear were discovered in many places of the cave.

In terms of wildlife, Krizna is the 4th richest cave in the world. Although there are very few conditions for life here, as the darkness is constant, the humidity is 100%, the air and water temperature is around 8 degrees, more than 44 animal species still live here. These are mostly small organisms that are barely detectable to the eye, - mainly crustaceans, spiders, insects, earthworms, and smaller snakes.

The underground world is home to a variety of animal species, with only 3-4 different species found in an average cave. Visitors can also see tiny bats with wingspan less than 10 cm.