Postojna Cave is the largest and the most-visited cave in Europe. The whole cave system is 24 km long and it was discovered 200 years ago. Explore the magical underground world and discover the magnificent stalagmites and stalactites in Slovenia's subterranean paradise.

Postojna Cave is the only karst cave with a railway, which was built more than 140 years ago. The unique tourist train will take you to the underground network of karst corridors, galleries and halls.

During an hour-and-a-half-long guided tour, you will learn about all of the most important karst features: the largest, 16-metre-high stalagmite known as the Skyscraper, the crystal white symbol of Postojna Cave – the Brilliant, the oldest underground post office in the world and the most famous underground animal – the olm or the human fish.

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Postojna Cave temperature

The cave has a constant temperature of about 8-10 degrees Celsius. This means you won't be freezing during winter, but you can feel chilly during the summer month.

How long is the tour in Postojna Cave?

The whole tour takes about 90 minutes, and it covers 5 km of the whole cave. It starts with a fun 3.5 km long train ride into the cave. The ceiling can be quite low occasionally so if you are taller... well, watch your head. Furthermore, do not stand up, lean out, or get off the cave train during the train ride - it can be dangerous.

After the train ride, you will be able to explore the cave on foot. This part is only 1.5 km, but the size and diversity of the cave is still incredible. You can use audio guides as well (in 17 languages!) to make sure you learn everything there is to know about the cave and the formations.

The path is suitable for everyone, including families with small children and visitors with mobility impairments.

What to wear in Postojna Cave?

Especially during the summer month, you can easily forget about packing and dressing properly for the cave trip. Because of the cave's temperature and the tour's duration, it is advised to wear closed shoes and warmer clothes.

So make sure you pack at least a jacket or a sweater that you can wear later in the cave. If you would like to be sure you won't get cold, wear long trousers. However, there is no explicit changing room so bear that in mind, if you would like to continue your trip after the visit to the cave.

In case you did forget about warm clothes and you need one, there are rain jackets available to hire for 4 €.