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Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia): maps, sights, attractions, child-friendly programs, museums, etc.

Volcji Potok Arboretum - The Most Beautiful Garden in Slovenia

The 85-hectare Volčji Potok Arboretum was opened to visitors in 1952. It is the most visited botanical garden in Slovenia [https://trekhunt.com/en/slovenia] and has become known for its spring flower shows in recent years. The arboretum is primarily a botanical garden of woody plants, making it the...

Pekel Gorge and the 7 Waterfalls - Slovenia 2022

Another gem of Slovenia, considered the land of the waters, is the Pekel Gorge, just a few kilometres from Ljubljana - the Gorge of Hell. The wildly romantic close-knit doesn’t approach Vintgar or Tolmin Gorges, yet it’s the perfect half-day family program. A fairytale, romantic place where untouched...

Ljubljana Castle - All you need to know

The coat of arms of Ljubljana shows a green dragon sitting on top of a castle tower rising on a castle hill. Ljubljana Castle is a symbol of the Slovenian capital and its main tourist attraction. The legend of the castle and the dragon is ancient, dating back to the...

Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko barje), Slovenia Guide

The Ljubljansko barje, the Ljubljana wetland, is the largest marshy plain in Slovenia. The huge area on the southern outskirts of the Slovenian capital covers an area of 150 km2. The wetland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including in the “Prehistoric Pile Houses Near the Alps,” among 5 other...

Krizna Cave, Slovenia - The World's Longest Spring Cave

Slovenia is famous for its rich forests, waters and caves. Who would not have heard of the Postojna or Skocjan caves? Surprisingly, not these two are considered to be the most beautiful caves, but the less-known Krizna Cave (Križna jama) created by water activity. Not far from the Skocjan cave...

Ljubljana Top 20 Things to See – Every Attraction You Need to Know

Do not be fooled by Ljubljana's tiny size! The Slovenian capital is really small, yet its charm lies in it. The tiny town is one of the jewels of Slovenia. It is not as famous for its sights as Bled, Bohinj or Bovec, but you will not get bored here....
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