Gamlitz is a charming Austrian wine-producing town not far from the Slovenian border. The hilly countryside is ideal for wine tours and hiking. One of the most popular leisure activities is cycling. Gamlitz is the largest wine-producing town in Styria. With about 400 hectares of grapes, 10% of the province’s wines come here.

The village has about 1,500 inhabitants. It is a perfect destination for those who want to hide from the eyes of the world.


Gamlitz in Styria, Austria 
The charming Gamlitz
It is also worth noting that Spicnik, Slovenia’s heart-shaped road, is only a few kilometres away.

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Map - Where is Gamlitz?

Map, distance, approach, getting there

Gamlitz is located in Styria, in the district of Leibnitz, Austria. The city is located in the southern part of the province, within easy reach of the Slovenian border. Here, you will find the river Gamlitzbach.

  • Distance from Vienna: 2.5 hours / 230 km
  • Distance from Graz: 45 minutes / 50 km
  • Distance from Maribor: 45 minutes / 30 km
Gamlitz - Maribor distance map

More about Gamlitz

The settlement was first mentioned in writing as Gomilnitz in 1145. It is believed to have its name from the Slavic word "gom," which means hill. The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age.

In ancient times, the Celts and later the Romans lived here. The tombstones in the church testify to the fact that the Romans once lived in the countryside.

Gamlitz is part of the Naturpark Südsteiermark, the Nature Park of Southern Styria. Here you will also find the Gamlitz Lakes, around which the Gamlitz Motorikpark was built.


The charming city has few attractions, and none of them is world-famous. Tourists come here mainly for the beauty of the countryside, the super wines and some nearby natural attractions. In addition to wines, locals are also proud of their cuisine in southern Styria.

Due to the few sights, the area is not "too touristy".

In addition to cycling, the trip is also popular, but Gamlitz is a great base for exploring the area by car. You can also go to Seggau Castle or visit the unique windmills in the area.

#1 Motorikpark Gamlitz

The nearby Motorikpark is an adventure park of 41 stations designed for adults - specifically designed to "develop and maintain" motor reflexes. Dr Roland Werthner, a sports scientist, was very helpful in designing the park. Motorikpark is the largest adventure park in Europe!

  • Prices: free
  • Opening hours: 0:00 - 24:00
  • Parking: 2 - 5 euros
  • Child friendly? Yes
  • Website
Motorpark Gamlitz - Styria | Source: website

#2 E-bike rental and bike tour

We can rent electric bicycles in several places. One of the providers you can visit is e-Bikes Biken Gamlitz. In addition to renting, of course, you can also ask for a guided tour by a local team to show you the best routes. The starting point is the Motorikpark mentioned earlier.

  • Prices: between 30 and 50 euros/day
  • Opening hours: every day (09:00 - 12:30, 14:00 - 18:00)
  • Booking: needed in advance
  • Child friendly? Yes
Gamlitz bicycle rental Source: Gamlitz bike rental

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