In the northern part of Slovenia, not far from the Austrian border, lies one of the most photographed roads in the country - Spicnik. Although the wine region has always been a popular inbound destination, the number of foreign tourists has increased significantly in recent years.

In addition to the fine wines from here, it is also attractive to tourists around Maribor or Ljubljana, as it is only 30 minutes away by car from Maribor. Therefore, it will be a perfect weekend destination even if we only have 2-3 days.


Spicnik wine area, Slovenia
You can only see the heart-shaped path from the hill of a farm called Dreisiebner.

Map - Where is Spicnik?

The small town is located right next to the country's northern border - in the neighbourhood of Austria. The hilly countryside is not part of a national park or nature park. The nearest major city is Maribor, Slovenia. Graz is a little further on the Austrian side - but still within easy driving distance.

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  • Distance from Maribor: 30 minutes / 22 km
  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1.5 hours / 140 km
  • Distance from Graz: 1 hour / 60 km
  • Coordinates:,

On the Austrian side, Gamlitz, which is the centre of the wine region of southern Styria, is similarly famous. We are 15 minutes by car from one town to another if you want.

Wine production

In addition to the fact that the Slovenian people are very kind, it is worth knowing that they love wine and are proud of domestic wine production. Travelling through the country can see many vineyards - especially in the Goriška, Istra, and Prekmurje regions, where locals make and sell homemade wine.

Slovenia map: wine regions

Most wineries are family businesses that are passed down from generation to generation. The most famous wine-producing farm is Stara trta in Maribor (where you can also admire the world's oldest vineyard).

Another hidden gem of Slovenian viticulture is Spicnik, in the middle of whose vineyards we also find the aforementioned heart-shaped path.

The Heart-shaped road of Slovenia

The heart-shaped path can be seen from the hill of a farm called Dreisiebner. In addition to admiring the road, we taste fine Slovenian wines from a 300-year-old cellar.

Fun fact: The road was not built to be heart-shaped. The locals wanted to eliminate a significant slope by adding an extra curve into the road.

Of course, there are several wineries and farms in the village. Many also operate as accommodation and restaurants. So it's worth taking a tour as part of a wine or bike tour.

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