One of the most interesting regions in Slovenia is the Lake Lovrenska region. The 19 lakes and marshes area is the most easily accessible from Rogla (Pohorje Hills). A path made of wooden planks leads to the swampy area of lakes. Around the lakes, there is a lookout tower, benches, and other hiking trails.

The region is a real treasure, a unique sight that impresses everyone. A pine forest surrounds the marsh, and small dwarf pines make the view exciting among the black lakes.

Quick Details

Lake Lovrenska Details
Country Slovenia
Local name Lovrenška Jezera
Location Rogla, Pohorje
Address Lovrenska jezera, 2382 Mislinja, Slovenia
Maribor distance 75 km
Ljubljana distance 100 km
Hike parameters 8-14 km | Easy and intermediate
Admission Free
Duration 4 - 6 hours hike
Attractions nearby Rogla Canopy, Lake Ribnica, Črni vrh
Number of lakes 19 lakes and marshes


Lovrenska Lakes, Slovenia

Map - Where is Lovrenska?

Address, map, parking, distance, approach

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The Lovrenska marsh is located not far from Maribor, in the Pohorje Mountains on the Pohorje Plateau. Rogla Peak is just a 1.5 hours, 6 km long walk. The nearest town is Mislinja.

  • Address: Lovrenška jezera 2382 Mislinja, Slovenia
  • Distance from Mislinja: 0.5 hours / 14 km
  • Distance from Maribor: 1.5 hours / 75 km
  • Distance from Ljubljana: 2 hours / 100 km
Lovrenska Lakes map


The swampy lakes are only accessible on foot. Let's park at the Planja Hotel, where you can reach the lakes within 1.5 hours.

About the area

The Pohorje plateau was formed centuries ago when shepherds carried out deforestation on mountain ridges and converted them into pastures. The main water supply in the lakes comes from rainwater, so their size is greatly affected by the weather.

A unique feature of the lakes is their characteristic black color, which is the result of the deposition of peat. The lakes and the surrounding forest are also very rich in fauna. You can observe many birds.

In the high season (summer school holidays) the countryside is teeming with tourists. If you can, try not to go in July and August.

Hiking route

The medium-difficulty hike alternates through meadows and forests to the Lovrenška Jezera lakes.

  • Starting and ending point: Planja Hotel

To the north of the hotel is the road on the grassy plain to Ostruščica (1,498 m). Continue on the way to Mulejev vrh, where the forest reserve begins. From the lakes, you have to go north to Lovrenc.

Here turn right (signposted) and descend towards Jezerca, which is also an interesting sight. Continue along the forest path until you reach the intersection of the main road (about 1.5 km). Here, the hike leads to the right, to Pesek, and then you reach the starting point, the Planja Hotel.

Short tour

If you want a shorter hike, you can also go from Lovrenc na Pohorju. This is an 8.5 km long easy hike. Its duration is roughly 3.5 hours round trip.

Both hiking trails are maintained and have trail signs.

Be prepared, and use tick and mosquito spray!

If there are still kilometers left in your feet, you can continue the hike at Lake Ribnica, which offers a similar view, with fewer tourists, or to the black mountain of the area, Črni vrh (734 m).

Opening hours and prices

Lovrenska is open all year round, 0-24 hours. There are no opening hours and the entrance is not closed with gates, but you should not officially enter the swampy area after dark or in bad weather conditions.

  • Season: Jan - Dec
  • Opening hours: every day, 0:00 to 24:00
  • Admission: free

Visiting the lakes is free, no admission is required


Unfortunately, the marsh is not barrier-free. Although the route around the lakes itself does not include an ascent, there is no guardrail next to the road, and the wooden floor is not wide enough to guarantee two-way traffic with either a stroller or a wheelchair.

Dog friendly?

Yes. Dogs can be brought on a leash.

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