Along the Austrian-Slovenian border, in the northern part of Slovenia, you find a bike park called Jamnica - or "Single Trail Park Jamnica". The park’s bike routes are surrounded by mountains, forests and fields - and nearby is Peca Mountain, where Europe’s longest continuous bike trail has been developed.

There are more than 10 bike parks in Slovenia. The Jamnica presented here is a lesser-known park - but not less exciting.

Quick Details

Jamnica Bike Park Details
Location Jamnica, Slovenia - Koroska region
Length 24 km | 9 trails
Highest steep 5%
Level diff. 525 m
Bike rental 40 - 70 Euros / day
Season Apr - Nov
Opening hours 0:00 - 24:00
Prices 5 Euros / person / day
Visiting Individually or guided tour
Distance from Ljubljana 2 hours / 130 km
Address Jamnica 10, 2391 Prevalje, Slovenia
Website Bikenomad

The interesting thing about the park is that a local family built it. Dixi (the father) started the work, and then his son (Anej) and friends have maintained the park ever since. Some parts of the park are still on the family farm (for example, the zigzag roads).

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Jamnica Bike Park | Source: sietelecom and Koroska

Where is the Jamnica bike park?

Address, map, distance, entrance, parking

As its name suggests, the bike park is in Jamnica, a small Slovenian village not far from the Austrian border. The area is located in the Koroska region, the smallest region in Slovenia.

It is about 2 hours from Ljubljana. The Mezica mine and the Solcava area are nearby, less than 60 minutes away.

  • Distance from Ljubljana: 2 hours / 135 km
  • Distance from Maribor: 1.5 hours / 80 km
Jamnica single trail park - Ljubljana distance

More about the park

The bike park has 9 trails, including AllMountain and Enduro. The special feature of the park is that the routes change every year. As winter passes, park managers invent new tracks, so the number of trails in the bike park is always different.

Currently (2021), there is a 24 km long single trail with a level difference of 525 meters. The maximum slope is 5%.

The park’s trails have been carefully designed to combine safe cycling with excitement. The trails are designed for mountain trails that run through forests and fields with beautiful views.

You can choose between easy, medium and heavy tracks in the park.

If you are looking for a more technically challenging one, try one of the red or black tracks. Here you can experience the most beautiful form of mountain biking in the Slovenian mountains through hills, meadows and forests.

Choose ECO HOTEL KOROS as the starting point for the program.


The map below shows which tracks are the beginner (blue - S), advanced (red - A) and professional (black - E) routes. It is worth knowing that there is no lift in the park, but you can use the yellow marked route.

Jamnica single trail park map


Daily admission for adults and children is EUR 5 per person. (2022)

(Prices might slightly increase every year!)

Bicycle rental

You can rent bikes from BikeNomad, which also offers guided tours (not only in the park but throughout Slovenia). The company's headquarters are Ecohotel Koros ***, located in the park's heart.

In addition to the accommodation, there is also a restaurant and a bicycle wash. You can also rent bikes - which you might want to do in advance.

Bike rental Full Suspension bike E-MTB
1 day 40 - 60 Euros 70 Euros
2 days 75 - 105 Euros 130 Euros
3 days 110 - 150 Euros 180 Euros
7 days 220 - 340 Euros 400 Euros

Beginner MTB training ranges from 30 to 60 euros (depending on the number of people) and is roughly 45 minutes long. Advanced education is 90 minutes and costs around € 50 per person.

(Prices might slightly increase every year!)

Opening hours

The bike park is open from April to November. It is open every day from sunrise to sunset. In November, the park will close its non-existent "gates."

  • Season: Apr - Nov
  • Opening hours during the season: every day, from morning to evening


Jamnica Single Trail Park video

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