The Solcavsko region is perhaps one of the least known parts of the beautiful Alps, yet the Slovenes consider it one of the most beautiful landscapes in their country. As it is not one of the top destinations for foreigners, it has retained its integrity and peaceful atmosphere. The locals are making great efforts to preserve this area in its original form.

Their work has also been recognised by the European Union, as in 2009 it was selected as one of its top destinations under the EDEN program.

The region's centre is the town of Solcava, located along the river Savinja.

Where is the Solcava region?

Solcava - or Solcavsko; is located in the northern part of Slovenia. You will find the upper reaches of the Savinja River here, with the Raduha ridge to the east and Austria to the north.

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Peaks above 2000 m surround it to the south and west. The Kamnik-Savinja Alps (Kamnisko-Savinjske Alpe) stretches here, part of the Slovenian Alps.

Solcava region map


At the foot of the mountains run three popular valleys formed by glaciers: the Robanov kot, the Logar Valley (Logarska Dolina), and the Matkov kot.

Among the valleys, the Logarska Dolina is the most visited due to its central location. This is where many biking and hiking trails start.

The area of Solcava | Source: Wikiloc

More about the area

Huge peaks can be found here, which crown the spectacular view and makes a true alpine climate in the valley. Winters are cold and long, while summer weather is pleasantly warm for hiking and biking.

Many rare plants live here, including mountain birch and alpine orchids. Archaeological research has shown that the area was already inhabited in the Palaeolithic era. Traces of this were found in 1928 when the remains of Stone Age people were found in one of the caves.

Settlements were founded in the 11-12th century. The first homesteads were inhabited by Slovenian settlers on the slopes above the valley. Some of the oldest homesteads still operate in their original location.

Hundreds of hiking trails run through the area. You can easily find trails ideal for your level while admiring many natural sights, hikes among springs, and waterfalls.

There are many activities in the valleys all year round. We already mentioned that from spring t autumn, it's a classic hiking and biking paradise.

It's good to know that winter life is also buzzing. Krajiska Planina is one of the most popular ski resorts in the area, and snowshoeing is possible almost everywhere.

#1 Logar Valley

If you've been looking at photos of Slovenian landscapes, you've probably seen Logarska dolina. Its name may not sound familiar, but more and more tourists are setting off to explore this fabulous valley. The dense alpine forests, the fabulous pastures and the rocky mountains offer a stunning view.

The picturesque valleys originated in the last ice age when a giant glacier polished the 250 m wide and 7 km long U-shaped pool.

Logar valley offers many services. It has several hotels, restaurants, bike rentals, horse riding lessons, etc. Compare to Matkov kot or Robanov kot, it's more touristy and more comfortable for families to stay.

The biggest hotel is Hotel Plensik which has a restaurant, a spa, and a bike rental.

The valley has a couple of hundred meters in elevation. You will start flat, then start your ascend after the hotel. At the end of the valley, the route end where you reach the Rinka Waterfall.  

If you arrive by car, expect to pay a daily fee to enter the valley. By car, you can go all the way up to the waterfall (approx 7 km). On your way, you will find a couple more restaurants and tourist houses.

From the entrance of the valley, you can easily reach the famous Solcava Panoramic Road as well.

Logar valley - Logarska dolina

Rinka Falls

The special features of Solcavsko are the waterfalls, of which the 90 meters tall Rinka is the highest. It is protected as a natural value of the country.

Rinka waterfall, Logar valley

#2 Matkov Kot

Among the valleys of Solcavsko, Matkov Kot has survived in the wildest and most natural form. It is ironic that this is where the first motorway in the area. It was built around 1860 to connect the region with Austria to export timber and coal. This road is still in use today and almost nothing has changed since its construction.

The lower part of the valley is practically uninhabited, the homesteads can be found on the slopes, past the pastures. One of the most famous farms belongs to the Matk family, which with its 700 hectares was once the largest farm in the country.

Matkov kot is popular among cyclists. But be aware, that you will need to be in great shape to go all the way up - or rent an e-bike in the Logar valley.

The wild Matkov kot

#3 Robanov kot

The third valley, the Robanov kot got its name after the Robanov dynasty. One of the most beautiful stops in the valley is the Robanov farm, which enjoys official protection.

The first written document was in 1426 but is likely that the farm has stood as early as the 12th century. It may not be the oldest economy in the country today but certainly is in the top three. The still existing family can trace the history of their roots back to nine generations.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the farm inside, but the owners run a traditional alpine dairy farm at the other end of the valley, where they welcome tourists. From here, the road climbs to Molicka Planina and then continues to the Korosica plateau at 1800 m.

The Robanov family doesn't have any hotel or restaurant, hence it's quite rare to meet them. If you would like to visit the dairy farm, contact them in advance.

Here, you will find a mountain shelter that is open from mid-June to mid-September. Hikers can rest here for the last time before heading for the 2350 m high peak, Ojstrica.

The valley is quite long, but a forest tarmac trail goes all the way. At the end of the valley, there is a waterfall.

Before you reach the Robanov farm, there will be a small parking lot (free). From here, you can walk only as cars are not allowed further.

You can't enter the valley by bike. 

Before you reach the parking lot, you will find a restaurant and hotel with a couple of Airbnb apartments.  

Robanov kot valley, Slovenia

Solcava Panoramic Road

The Solcava Panoramic Road is one of the most beautiful routes in Slovenia. By designing it, the undisguised goal was to bring people closer to nature. The tour can be completed in 2-3 hours by bike (without long stops), or 30 minutes by car.

The landscape is beautiful, let's take plenty of time to stop and admire it! You can also visit the local farms (they are only open during the season) where you can taste the local delicacies (cheese and salami plate).

The road is 20 km long and consists of 12 stations. The loop trail starts in Solcava and takes place above the three valleys on the pastures of the mountain. Its last stop is in front of the Logar valley.

Solcava Panoramic Road


To add a little extra to your trip to Slovenia, book accommodation with local families. So you can eat homemade food every day at friendly prices.

Slovenian traditions define the whole region. Foresters, farmers and coal burners lived here for centuries, living in perfect harmony with nature.

Farming goes back to ancient traditions, so visiting homesteads is like travelling back in time.