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One of Slovenia's top destinations is the beautiful Solcava alpine region. The area contains three major valleys and endless hiking and biking trails.

Robanov kot Valley - Farms, hiking trail, parking ...

The romantic Robanov kot is a lesser-known alpine valley in the Solcava region of northern Slovenia - close to the Austrian border. Robanov is one of the three parallel valleys to be seen from the famous Solcava Panoramic Road. It is an ideal destination for those who want to get...

Solcava Region (Solcavsko), Slovenia Guide 2022

The Solcavsko region is perhaps one of the least known parts of the beautiful Alps, yet the Slovenes consider it one of the most beautiful landscapes in their country. As it is not one of the top destinations for foreigners, it has retained its integrity and peaceful atmosphere. The locals...

Solcava Panoramic Road Guide 2022- Map, farmhouses, route ...

The most famous panoramic road in Slovenia is the 20 km long Solcava road in the northern part of the country. It is one of the most spectacular hiking and cycling trails, taking you to the fields to the village of Podolseva, between flocks of sheep grazing on the alpine...
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