The valleys in the Upper Savinja River from the Kamnik Alps are considered by many to be the most beautiful place in Slovenia. All three valleys are almost parallel to each other and protected. The most famous and popular one is the Logar Valley - Logarska Dolina in Slovene.

Your stay here will be unforgettable as you can have a lot of new experiences. You can explore the countryside on foot, bike, or on horseback.

The Logar Valley is perfect for strolling and tasting the region’s famous cheese products and curds.

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Opposite the valleys is Slovenia's most beautiful panoramic road, the 20 km long Solcava Panoramic Road.


Logar valley, Logarska dolina

Map - Where is the Logar Valley?

The Logar Valley (Logarska dolina in Slovenian) is located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, not far from the northern border of Slovenia. Although the countryside bears many similarities to Triglav National Park, it is not part of it.

The valley is part of the Solcava region, and extremely close to Austria. If you want to spend a few days in the area, you can choose to stay in the valley (Plensik Hotel) or in the city of Solcava.

  • Distance from Kamnik: 1 hour / 50 km
  • Distance from Kranj: 1.5 hours / 60 km
  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1.5 hours / 70 km
  • Distance from Bled: 1.5 hours / 80 km
  • Distance from Klagenfurt: 1.5 hours / 70 km


There are many car parks in the valley in front of the hotel, restaurants or at the Rinka waterfall at the top end of the valley. Note that if you go on foot or by bike, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

About the Logarska dolina

Logar Valley

The Logar Valley is without a doubt one of the most spectacular alpine valleys in Europe. Its name may not sound familiar, but whoever visits here will not forget.

You will enjoy dense alpine forests, fabulous pastures and rocky mountains that offer a stunning view.

You can easily rent out bikes (even electric bikes), and go walking and hiking. There are several waterfalls in the valley - one at the beginning and one at the end.

What is also worth mentioning is that finding accommodation will not be a problem here. There are several hotels and restaurants.

Attractions and things to do

#1 Rinka waterfall

The river Savinja starts its journey from the alpine mountains and then flows into the Logarska dolina through the more than 100 m high Rinka waterfall. Rinka is one of the most visited falls in Slovenia.

You will find it at the end of the valley. You can park for free at the souvenir shop. From the car park, the waterfall is on a moderately difficult, ascending terrain of about 20 minutes walk.

The Rinka fall can be found at the end of the valley

#2 Palenk Falls

Palenk Falls is located in the middle of the valley (next to Hotel Plensik). A charming, medium-sized waterfall, is located next to the main road on the side of one of the mountains. For parking, you use the central parking lot next to the hotel, where you can also rent bicycles.

To get to the waterfall you have to walk back from the car park for a good 10-15 minutes.

Palenk waterfall

#3 Highland cows

Hairy cattle can be seen in several places in the valley. These friendly, fluffy cows are real curiosities in Europe, as they are only native to Scotland. Understandably, the Slovenes fell in love with these red-haired ones. You will find them grazing next to the main road.

Highland cows in the Logar valley

#4 Electric bike rental

Bicycle rental is also available at the hotel and in the central car park. If you are going to do this during the summer season, it is worth booking a bike in advance.

Alternatively, you can rent electric bikes in the parking lot, where you can only pay in cash.

#5 Riding

It is also possible to go horse riding in the valley. You can inquire about the details of this at the Plensik Hotel, and if you have serious intentions, you can book an appointment in advance.

#6 Hiking

There are also several hiking trails starting from Logar Valley, with which you can reach the nearby peaks. As these roads are less well known and less touristy. We only recommend them to those who are not afraid of challenges and have the necessary hiking experience.

Food, gastronomy

Rural tourism began to flourish in the valleys of Savinja. Many of the homesteads are hospitable, mostly in the lower parts, but the highland homesteads also offer accommodation and dining.

The village guesthouses are nestled in high meadows, and in unspoilt forests rich in herbs and fruits. These guesthouses preserve traditions inside and out, as do the people who run them. You can experience this in gastronomy as well, you taste the dishes made of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

One of the specialties of the local cuisine is a certain kind of salami (zgornjesavinjski zelodec) - which is made by filling the pork stomach or bladder with the best quality meat and bacon. Research by Slovenian ethnologist Dr. Janez Bogataj has also confirmed that the use of the stomach in local cuisine is a tradition inherited from generation to generation.

Not only do locals love this dish, but many foreigners also liked it, according to legend VI. King George. He is believed to have become so much a fan that he had to be sent to England on a regular basis.

Another typical dish is the Solcavski siren, the curd made from skimmed milk, to which cumin and salt are mixed, then inoculated with sour cream and left to ripen to give it a slightly spicy taste.

Attractions in the area

You don't need to go far to find further attractions. The two neighbouring valleys (Matkov kot and Robanov kot) are pretty close. The Matkov kot, which preserves the natural naturalness, and the Robanov kot, dotted with lush meadows and traditional farms, are also very popular with tourists.

The main attraction is the Panoramic biking and hiking road, which you will find nearby.

#1 Solcava panoramic road

The road starts from the town of Solcava and continues above the three valleys. The approximately 20 km route can be explored by bike, electric bicycle, on foot, or even by car. The road is divided into 12 stations, with several homesteads where you can stop during the summer season and taste local specialties (dairy and cold cuts).

Solcava Panoramic Road

It is one of the most spectacular hiking and cycling trails, taking you to the fields to the village of Podolseva, between flocks of sheep grazing on the alpine slopes.

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#2 Matkov Kot Valley

The wildest of the three valleys

Among the valleys of Solcavsko, Matkov Kot has survived in the wildest and most natural form. It is ironic that this is where the first motorway in the area was built around 1860 to connect the region with the Austrian territories to make it easier to export timber and coal. This road is still in use today and almost nothing has changed since its construction.

The lower part of the valley is practically uninhabited, the homesteads can be found on the slopes, after the pastures. One of the most famous farms belongs to the Matk family, which with its 700 hectares was once the largest farm in the country.

Matkov kot, Solcava region

#3 Robanov Kot Valley

The romantic Robanov kot is a lesser-known alpine valley in the Solcava region. It is an ideal destination for those who want to get to know the natural treasures of the area.

The 4 km long valley earned the title of Landscape Park in 1987 and has been protected ever since. The famous Robanov farm can be found here as well.

At the end of the valley, the hiking trail disappears and becomes a via Ferrata route, but before it disappears completely, you will find a lovely waterfall. From now on, only experienced climbers can go further.

Robanov kot valley

Robanov kot is not as wild as the Matkov valley, but not as touristy as the Logarska dolina. It is an ideal choice to visit if you want to avoid the crowd, but love hiking.

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#4 Mount Olseva

On the Olseva hill in prehistoric times you can follow in the footsteps of people who lived in the countryside. Mount Olseva is also one of the dominant locations in the region. The well-known Slovenian paleontologist Srecko Bodar has unearthed several finds in this area made by primitive people. Valuable finds have been made from the Early Iron Age and the Roman Age.

Well, of course, Mt Olseva is only one of the beautiful mountains waiting for you to discover.

Mt. Olseva, Solcava Slovenia