The most famous panoramic road in Slovenia is the 20 km-long Solcava road in the northern part of the country. It is one of the most spectacular hiking and cycling trails, taking you to the fields of the village of Podolseva, between flocks of sheep grazing on the alpine slopes.

The road is 20 km long, relatively easy to walk, but perhaps even more enjoyable by bike. Local farmers nicely maintain the trail.

The tourist season starts in May and ends in August, when all farmsteads and guest houses are closed to tourists.

Map - Where is the Solcava Panoramic Road?

Address, map, approach, distance, trailhead

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At an altitude of 1200 m, at the foot of Mount Olseva, the Solcava (Solcavsko) Panoramic route runs. The 20 km long route is named after the city of Solčava. The route starts from here. The area can be found next to the Austrian border, in Northers Slovenia. It's part of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps - and the Slovenian Alps.

  • The starting point of the Panoramic Road is Solcava
  • Distance from Bled: 1.5 hours / 90 km
  • Distance from Maribor: 1.5 hours / 120 km
  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1.5 hours / 65 km
  • Distance from Klagenfurt: 1 hours / 70 km
Solcava Panoramic road map

Why is it unique?

Cheese and salami tour with dragons

The special feature of the route is the local cuisine and the farmhouses. People don't just walk through it. It should be imagined more like a wine tour. Only, here you "have to" eat cheese, salami and other local specialties instead of wines.

In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of the local village life, enter gardens, and pat the farmer’s cow. The lush, green meadows are dotted with traditional homesteads. You can go into almost any of them.

Sample homemade cheeses at roadside inns and stay at one of them.

Anyone who walks or cycles this path can feel like they are at the top of the world, looking down on the fantastic creation of nature. Along the way, valleys line up, so the view will be lavish and unique, which you can't see anywhere else in Slovenia ...

View from the road


The Panoramic Road is the story of a shepherd boy named Kristof and the young dragon, Lintver. The beginning of the story is when Kristof's lambs have disappeared ...

Along the way, not only one but several statues of dragons are placed. At the 11th station, you will find a cave with a giant dragon in it.

The trail and route

The trail consists of a total of 12 stations and a few extra points. Passing through these points, a little Slovenian boy named Christoph introduces the countryside (and the dragons that live here).

The trail is a loop trail, where you will start at Solcava, heading to the alpine route. On your way back you will find yourself on a car road next to the Logar valley.

Please note, that not only hikers and cyclists use the road. The trail is popular among bikers and car drivers as well. 

Tip: You will find Hotel Plensik in Logarska dolina, where you can rent an electric bike for the day. It is worth taking the route with it.

Solcava Panoramic Road map

Solcava Panoramic road Station Attractions
1. station Solcava Starting point
2. station Ramšak farm Local delicacies
3. station Macesnik farm Sawmill, hydropower plant
4. station Rogar farm Accommodation
5. station Strevc farm Local delicacies, spices, mushrooms
5. station Church of the Holy Spirit Resting place
6. station Mineral water source Source of drinking water
7. station Klemenšek farm Farmhouse
8. station Pastirkovo viewpoint Viewpoint
9. station Žibovt farm Local delicacies
10. station Gradišnik farm Archery rental
11. station Lamotje gorge Gorge, cave, dragon statue
12. station Entrance to the Logar valley Endpoint

You won't find world-famous sights here. The magic of the area is the landscape itself.

The 2 most popular points on the route are the Church of the Holy Spirit at Station 5 and the Klemense Farm at Station 7.

#5 Church of Holy Spirit

One of the best places to take some rest is the church at the 5th station. Next to the church, you will find a restaurant and accommodation.

The Church of Holy Spirit

#6 Mineral spring

The 6th stop of the route is the Mineral spring. The locals have been drinking its high iron and carbonated water from the very beginning and attributing it to a healing effect. If you taste it, you will feel the characteristic taste of iron in it. Feel free to take some home with a bottle of spring water from the Alps!

Be attentive because the source sign is hard to spot.

#7 Klemense farm

The most picturesque point is the Klemense farm, where the trail goes off from the main route for a while. Even if the cottage is not open, it is worth taking some rest here for the panorama.

Klemense farm, station 7

GPX route

There is a route on bikemap that you can follow. The tour here needs to be modified because it starts elsewhere. Simply cut off the route and start from Logar Valley or Solcava.


The farm stays offer accommodations as well. However, it's worth to keep in mind, that if you would like to stay in one of them, you have to book your room quite early. It's not rare that all the rooms are sold out for May!  

Where to rent a bike?

To rent a bike or an e-bike, you will need to go to the visitor center of Solcava, or to the main hotel in Logar valley. During high season, you might need to book the bikes 3-4 days in advance.

About the area  

From the route, you will find 3 valleys. However, only the route's optional part goes into the Matkov kot valley, it's good to know, what's nearby.

  • Robanov kot - It's not part of the trail
  • Logarska dolina - Not part f the trail, but it goes in front of it. It can be an optional starting point if you rent your bike here.
  • Matkov kot - Optional part of the trail (stations 13, 14, 15) ...
Logar valley (1-3), Robanov kot (4)