The Mangart saddle (Mangartsko sedlo) is one of the most visited points in the Julian Alps. Situated on the Triglav National Park border, the 2055 m high pass is famous for its fabulous panorama. A bucket-listed destination by bike, car, or even motorbike. If you are near the Triglav National Park, don't miss Mangart - it's just 45 minutes from Bovec.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the pass is that it is located on the Italian border, not far from the Austrian border. This makes it easily accessible from all three countries.

This is accompanied by the fact that many car parks have been set up on the road leading to the saddle so that families, seniors, and those looking for an easy hike can admire the unparalleled panorama.

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Quick Details

Mangart Saddle Details
Country Slovenia (Italian border)
Can I reach by car? Yes
Parking Free
Via Ferrata route B and C
Location Julian-Alps, Triglav National Park, Mangart mountain
Distance from Bovec 45 mins / 27 km
Height of Mangart mountain 2679 m
Height of Mangart saddle 2072 m


Mangart has also become a popular cycling and motorcycling route. Every year, many tourists visit the pass - adding to the "road trip".

The magnificent Mangart in the Julian Alps
Mangart Saddle, Slovenia
This is no coincidence, as we are talking about Slovenia's highest panoramic road and one of Slovenia's Top 50 attractions.

Where is Mangart located?

Mangart mountain is located near the Italian border, in the Julian Alps, Triglav National Park, Slovenia.

  • Address: Slovenija, Strmec na Predelu 34, 5231 Log pod Mangartom, Slovenia
Mangart Saddle - Bovec distance 
  • Bovec distance: 30 km / 45 mins
  • Kranjska Gora distance: 45 km / 1 hour
  • Bled distance: 100 km / 2 hours
  • Ljubljana distance: 150 km / 2 hours
  • Klagenfurt distance: 90 km / 1,5 hours (Austria)

Mangart mountain (2679 m)

There is a fabulous panorama of the high-quality asphalted, winding roads carved into the hillside. The view is made even more beautiful by the sun shining through the clouds. Don't forget your camera or phone.

  • Mount Mangart in Slovenian: Mangart, Mangrt
  • Franz von Hohenwart first climbed it in 1794.

Mangart is not just a mountain, but a group of mountains that lie between the Koritnica and Mangart valleys. Its highest point is the Veliki Mangart, i.e. the Great Mangart.

The mountain is 2,679 meters high, making it the 3rd highest mountain in Slovenia after Triglav and Škrlatica.

Attention! The panoramic road is used by motorcyclists, hikers, and cyclists alike. Increased attention and caution are needed from everyone!

Mountain Hut

Not far from the saddle lake you will find the shelter Koča na Mangartskem sedlu (1906 m).

  • Opening hours: from mid-June to September, every day

Via Ferrata

Not only to find motorways and hiking trails in Mangarton, but also a fabulous via Ferrata route. The route starting from Nogara (1800 m) is steeply uphill. Returning to the saddle, the journey continues up to the peak of 2678 meters.

Going to the Italian side, you can descend the already easier route all the way to the saddle.

  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Elevation: 750 m
  • Classification: Italian D, Slovenian B-C
  • Season: June - October
  • Shelter on the road: None

The trip can of course be shortened to 3 hours if you choose the Mangart saddle as your starting point.

Mangart via Ferrata

Vrsic pass

Have you heard of the Vrsic Pass? It's an iconic location like the Mangart saddle, hence it's easy to mix the two locations. The Vrsic Pass is about 1.5 hours from the Mangart Strait.

Vrsic Pass, Slovenia

By now, you must have been in the mood to conquer the Mangart saddle. No wonder the program will be unparalleled. We wish you a good time!