Vrsic is the highest pass in Triglav National Park, Slovenia. It connects the regions of Gorenjska and Trenta. On the pass, you will find a beautiful alpine road, parking lots, and tourist houses. Some just drive here and admire the view, but most tourists go hiking and mountaineering - and the more reckless will be able to explore the parks best via Ferrata routes.

Gorenjska region is the most popular region in Slovenia - at least in terms of tourism. It is also home to Lake Bled, the Vintgar Gorge, or the Vogel Mountains. In contrast, the Trenta region is wilder and untamed. It is named after the lesser-known Trenta Valley. The Vrsic pass connects these two unique regions.

Quick Details

The pass is at an altitude of 1,611 meters and is part of the Julian Alps - the largest mountain range in Triglav National Park.

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Vrsic pass Details
Season April - October
Major cities Kranjska Gora, Bovec, Tarvisio (Italy)
Road Kranjska Gora -> Vrsic pass -> Log v Trenti (24 km)
Road fee 0 euro
Height 1 611 m
Highest peak Mala Mojstrovka (2 332 m)
Top attractions Russian Chapel, Source of River Soca, Prisojnik window, Pagan girl rock formation
Top programs Hiking, mountaineering, via Ferrata
Country Slovenia
Location Triglav National Park, Julian-Alps
Sloven name prelaz Vršič

Map - Where is the Vrsic Pass?

Vrsic is located in the northern part of Slovenia, close to the Italian border. It is located in the western part of the Triglav National Park. The pass is halfway from Bovec to Kranjska Gora. Even from Bled, it's only an hour's drive. It belongs to the Julian Alps and the Alps.

  • Starting point 1: Kranjska Gora
  • Starting point 2: Log v Trenti
  • GPS: 46 ° 26′8 ″ N 13 ° 44′40 ″ E

The nearest big cities or holiday resorts are Kranjska Gora and Bovec. But the Italian Tarvisio is also quite close.

Vrsic pass - Ljubljana distance
City Duration Distance
Kranjska Gora 25 mins 15 km
Bovec 45 mins 35 km
Tarvisio 45 mins 40 km
Lake Bled 1 hour 50 km
Ljubljana 1,5 hour 100 km


The pass has been used by hunters as well as shepherds since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, Trenta was also populated, so some kind of alpine route was used.

The Slovenian word vršič literally means “small peak”, the word vrh means the diminutive form of “peak”. The name originally referred to Mount Vršič (1,738 m), which is located about 200 m east of the Vršič Pass. The name Vršič was first applied to it only in 1911.

The road was built mainly by Russian prisoners who were captured during World War I.

Panorama road

The Vrsic motorway line connects the holiday village of Kranjska Gora with the town of Log v Trenti. The road is 24 km long and contains about 50 hairpin bends. The level difference is about 1,200 meters.

  • Endpoints: Kranjska Gora <-> Log v Trenti
  • Toll: 1 euro, free of charge
  • Open: April - October

The road is mainly used by tourists. It is not used for regular traffic as there is a faster and less crowded alternative.

During the day, it can be difficult to find parking spaces near the road. You might want to arrive early.

Season - When is the pass open?

For most of the year, snow covers the road leading to it, which is why it has to be closed, unfortunately. The pass can be visited during the summer months, usually from April.

Russian chapel

Next to the road, not far above the Mihov Dom, stands the aforementioned Russian chapel. The chapel is located at 1,200 meters above sea level.

Vrsic, Russian chapel

Soca source

Unbelievable, but even the source of Soca can be found here, at the pass. The origins of Slovenia’s most popular river can be reached on foot with a short hike.

Hiking and climbing

Vršič is best known among climbers, as many attractive peaks can be reached from here. An excellent starting point for one- or multi-day tours.

  • Mala Mojstrovka (2,332 m) - popular via Ferrata route
  • Velika Mojstrovka (2,366 m)
  • Planja (2,453 m)
  • Prisojnik or Prisank (2,547 m) - popular via Ferrata route
  • Razor (2,601 m)
  • Shitna Glava (2,087 m)
  • Slemenova Spitz (1,911 m)
  • Sovna Glava (1,750 m)
  • Suhi Vrh (2,109 m)

Razor (2601 m)

The highest peak in the area is the strenuous Razor. It’s good to know that there are many hiking trails to the peak, but all of them are technical and long  - except for one, which is easier (min 6 hours). This is partly because the mountain is crumbling, gravelly. The use of a helmet is highly recommended.

The interesting thing about the mountain is that although its peak is tiny, it is conquered by so many climbers every year that its height is constantly decreasing.

The peak offers unparalleled views of Mount Triglav.

Mala Mojstrovka (2366 m)

Mojstrovka is one of the most climbed peaks in the whole country. It is an exciting and interesting mountain with several via Ferrata routes. The well-known but challenging Hanzova route also leads between Mojstrovka and Prisojnik. Climbers prefer to climb the northern wall of the mountain.

Mala Mojstrovka is a beautiful child of Velika Mojstrovka and Zadnja Mojstrovka. It is loved by most because of its convenient location (it is located above the Vrsic road).  It is quite easy to approach from the south.

Prisojnik (2547 m)

The second highest mountain in the area is Prisank or Prisojnik, which is 2,547 meters high. A real bucket list experience for climbers and hikers. The north side of the mountain has the hardest via Ferrata route, while the south is the "lightest".

There are also two famous sights, the Pagan Girl and the Prisank Window.
From one of the plateaus, you can reach Razor Mountain (2,601 m).

Pagan Girl (Ajdovska deklica)

The Pagan Girl, i.e. Ajdovska deklica in Slovenian, is an interesting rock formation on Mount Prisojnik. The girl's face is best seen from the Poštarski hut

Tip: If you’re planning to climb Prisojnik or Prisank Mountain, also plan a trip to the famous Prisojnik window.

Prisojnik (Prisank) / Hanzova via Ferrata, Pagan girl, Prisank window


For hiking, climbing and via Ferrata tours, tourist huts can come in handy. In Slovenia, we call them 'dom'.

#1 Tičarjev dom na Vršiču (1,620 m)

On the Trenta side, at the Vrsic peak, you will find the Tičarjev tourist house. The house has a wide panorama to the south. On the east side, behind the southern slopes of the Vršič, you can see the walls of Prisojnik.

  • Season: June - Sept.

You find two restaurants with a total of 60 seats. There is also a washbasin, toilet, and a gift shop. The restaurant is heated by a peasant stove. There are 36 beds in 9 rooms and a total of 55 beds in the 4 dormitories.

  • Soca source: 2 hours hike
  • Russian Chapel: 1-hour hike
  • Prisojnik: 4 hours (one way)
  • Mala Mojstrovka: 2-hours hike

#2 Koča na Gozdu (1,226 meters)

The Gozdu Tourist House is located next to the Pišnica Plateau. The restaurant has 80 seats. There are a total of 31 beds available. Equipped with toilet and sink. A cooling and heating system has also been set up.

  • Season: April - September
  • Address: Vršiška cesta 86, 4280 Kranjska Gora

You can reach Prisojnik with a 5 hours hike, while Vrsic Pass is 1 hour away.

#3 Mihov dom na Vršiča (1,085 m)

The cottage is located next to the Pisnica plateau, about halfway along the Vrsic road. On the eastern side, above the extensive Krnica, are the Martuljek mountains with the Špik peak. To their right is an extremely beautiful view of Škrlatica.

  • Season: May-Sept
  • Address: Vršiška cesta 83, 4280 Kranjska Gora

On the south face, the walls of Prednja glava in Prisojnik and Goličica rise above the nearby Velika Pišnica, and on the right between the walls of Prisojnik and Mojstrovka you can see the much lower Vršič. To the west and north, the Robičje ridge rises above the cottage.

The Russian Chapel and Gozdu hut are just 15 minutes away.

The house has a total of 23 beds, a sink, and a toilet. The restaurant has 25 seats indoors and 50 outdoors.

  • Vrsic pass: 1.5 hours hike
  • Spik mountains: 5 hours hike

#4 Poštarski dom na Vršiču (1,725 ​​m)

The hut is about 45 minutes by car from Bovec. From here you also have an excellent opportunity to climb Prisojnik.

The three dining rooms have 105 seats and a bar. The hut capacity is in total 11 bedrooms. There are also 20 extra beds in the dormitory and 10 extra beds.

Toilet, washbasin with hot and cold shower is located on the ground floor. The rooms have central heating.

  • Season: June - Sept
  • Address: Vršiška cesta 92, 4280 Kranjska Gor

Prisojnikra is about 4 hours from here, Razorá 7.5 hours, and Jalovecre is about 6.5 hours. From here, an easy hiking trail leads to the top of Mount Vrsic, which can be reached in about 30 minutes.


Hiking Vrsic
Vrsic pass, Slovenia

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