The names of Tyrol and Innsbruck are already intertwined. The Tyrolean province is also a center of hiking, skiing, and, of course, cycling, so this time we are mapping the adrenaline parks around Innsbruck. The parks are ideal for families with children, but groups of friends will also be looking forward to an exciting day.

There are 2 outstanding bicycle parks to be found in the vicinity of Innsbruck. In our current article, we are taking a closer look at the following parks.

  • Bikepark Innsbruck (25 minutes by car)
  • Bikepark Serfaus Fiss Ladis (75 minutes by car)

#1 Bikepark Innsbruck

The closest to Innsbruck is the bicycle park of the same name. The park is less than 30 minutes from the city center - about 10 kilometers.

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The park is ideal for a family day out, but you can even race with your friends through the foliage of the trees while practicing tricks. You can easily find the right track for your level and appetite.

And if you’re already at an advanced level, you don’t even have to worry about being hindered by beginners, as the well-separated routes in the bike park split beginners from routine bikers.

Getting there

  • Address: Nockhofweg 40, 6162 Mutters, Austria
  • Distance from the city of Innsbruck by car: 25 mins / 10 km
Bikepark Innsbruck map
Bikepark Innsbruck map

Bikepark Map

You can find the map of the bike park below.

In the park, in addition to the 6 routes, you can also find a pump track, 5 MTB trails, and kids can try adrenaline cycling in the so-called "kid park".


You can find a total of 6 routes in the bike park, which are not MTB routes. The two most popular of these are the "Straight one" and the "Chainless one" tracks. For families, we recommend the "Chainless" track, but if you want a fast-paced track, then you should try the "Straight" bike path.

Most of the trails run through the woods, and in the meantime, you have to take turns and you can find ramps placed here and there. In the meantime, it is also worth looking in front of the wheel, as the terrain is made exciting by roots and small stones.

  • The first one: 2.4 km, 350 m descent
  • The wild one: 2.5 km, 500 m descent
  • The rough one: 2 km, 420 m descent
  • The chainless one: 7.6 km, 600 m descent
  • The simple one: 5 km, 610 m descent
  • The straight one: 1.4 km, 250 m descent

MTB routes

You will find MTB routes of different lengths, the choice of which can be difficult, as each takes you through very beautiful landscapes.

The longest route is the 21 km circle-shaped track, which also includes 3 huts, making an ascent of 1000 m. Of course, you will also find easier trails of around 4 km, of which you can finish several in a single day.

  • Mutter 3-hut circuit - medium: 21 km, 1000 m descent
  • Mutterer Almweg (510) - medium: 8,5 km, 678 m descent
  • Götzner Almweg (516) - medium: 3,7 km, 590 m descent
  • Kreuther Almweg (511) - medium: 3,7 km 522 m descent
  • Raitiser Almweg (512) - medium: 4,8 km, 660 m descent
Tip: When choosing a route, pay attention to which route takes you out of the park. In these cases, you need to bike back to the park on the road.


The bike park for beginners and children is located next to the Muttereralm cable car. There are 3 track sections in the mini-park ideal for practice. You can try taking turns, jumping, and going on-ramps and refine your technique. Thus, it is not uncommon for experienced cyclists to come to the park for children for a little practice.


  • Rental and shop
  • One-day tour - with a local guide: MTB, bike park, eBike
  • Bicycle repair course
  • Restaurant, bar, toilet

Opening hours

The bike park hosts several events and competitions every year. In these cases, the park is closed to cyclists. Other than that, the park is open seasonally every day until October!

  • Season: June – October
  • Daily opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (departure of the last cable car)

Prices and daily tickets

In the park, you can change several types of tickets from 3-hour tickets up to the annual pass. The daily ticket for adults costs approx. 40 euros, for children around 23 and 30 euros.


Here is a video showing the distance and pace on the Chainless track.

Bikepark Innsbruck video

#2 Bikepark Serfaus Fiss Ladis (SFL)

This bike park leaves nothing out. Here, young and old alike can test their limits as well as their bikes. The bike park combined with cable cars is a real adrenaline rush that you should not miss if you are near Innsbruck.

There are two types of roads in the park. The so-called "single trails" and "bike park trails" tracks. You will find paths of different difficulties and styles among both of these. You sure won't get bored!

Getting there

The park is located west of Innsbruck, about 100 kilometers away, you can reach it in just over 1 hour by car.

  • Distance from the city of Innsbruck: 1 - 1.5 hours / 95 km
  • Address: Fisser Straße 50AT 6533 Fiss
Bikepark Serfaus Fiss Ladis map
Bikepark Serfaus Fiss Ladis map


Here you can find the map of the park. The map can help you with planning so you know which track you’re going to “max out”.

Difficulty levels

In the Serfaus Fiss Ladis park, there are 4 different types of bike trails, from very easy to hard downhill. You can choose from very easy (1), easy (6), medium (8), and hard (2) routes.

You will find tracks of less than 200 meters, all the way to the 4-5 km trails.

Very easy (green): 1 track

The very easy track is recommended if you have never ridden an MTB bike - or very little and you are insecure. You will learn the basics of cycling: braking, balancing.

You don't have to spend the day here, of course. After a lap or two,  you can try one of the easy routes.

Easy (blue): 6 tracks

There is a larger selection of blue, ie easy tracks. The safe and friendly routes for beginners are designed to hone your MTB technique and make you control your bike as confidently as possible. From these 6 tracks, a few lead through the woods, but there are some that are on the hillside.

The most characteristic features of the blue track are that the roads are smooth. So they do not particularly need technique.

Medium (red): 8 tracks

On the medium tracks of the Serfaus Fiss Ladis park, the road is more technical. Here, roots and stones make the terrain more difficult. The turns are sharper, the tracks mostly steeper.

Once you’ve learned the ins and outs of braking and balancing on the blue tracks, you can try one of the red tracks with confidence. Fortunately, you have 8 choices.

Hard (black): 2 tracks

The black tracks are designed to pamper the pros. You have to get through major obstacles along the way. You’ll love the technical turns as your bike slides on the gravel cover of the “gravel trail”.

On the hill called Hill Bill, you can practice on planks, ramps, and even jump off the roof of a tiny cottage. For pros only!


In the Serfaus Fiss Ladis park, it is possible to take a guided tour with a local guide, enroll in a course (especially recommended for children), or a repair course. The course can be requested for just one day or as part of a 6-7 day program.

  • Rental and shop
  • Courses
  • One-day guided tour
  • Bicycle repair course
  • Restaurant, bar, toilet

With children

For children, the park offers many opportunities. Examples are a bike course or a repair course. Courses have discounts for children and teens.

As for the routes, the very easy and easy tracks will very much be enjoyed by the kids, and if the older ones get bored, you can go on medium difficulty tracks with them as well.

Opening hours

The park is open every day from June to October. The park opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m.

  • Season: June - October
  • Daily opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00

Daily ticket and prices

A daily ticket costs about 50 euros. It is less for children, about 40 euros. With this combined ticket you can use all the roads of the park and also the cable car indefinitely.

If you stay longer than a day, you can also request an extension, so the second day is cheaper already.

When buying tickets, I suggest that you check with the box office to clarify which ticket is worth buying.


In this video, you can watch Luis’ exciting downhill video. Thanks for the short clip.

Bikepark Serfaus Fiss Ladis video


Helmets are mandatory in both parks! To avoid more serious injuries, please follow the rules. If you have left some protective equipment at home, you can rent it on-site - or even buy it. In addition, park staff asks you to pay due attention to protecting the environment.

I hope you got a more comprehensive picture of the bike parks in the area of Innsbruck. There is nothing left but to travel and rest.

If you don’t mind the one-hour trip, I recommend the Serfaus Fiss Ladis as it has bigger and more tracks than the Bikepark Innsbruck.

And if you can’t decide, visit both bike parks, test them out and tell us which one you liked.

Have a nice trip! ??‍♂️