We are more than happy to welcome one of our new partners - Jürgen Haider, on Trekhunt. He is a true free spirit, a professional snowboard guide, who is passionate about what he is doing: Splitboarding and Freeriding

He is no ordinary guide. Not only he holds an Austrian snowboarding state certificate, but he also provides unique journeys all over the world.


About Jürgen

Jürgen's passion for snowboarding started at the age of twelve when his dad gave him a promo snowboard (a "Levis-jeans") with a pair of old ski boots. It all happened in the garden of their family house, where he fell in love with snowboarding.

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He completed all the courses and exams to the state-certified snowboard instructor and snowboard guide. Since 2012, Zillertal is his home base, where he leads daily freeriding, split boarding, and ski-touring trips.

Jürgen also leads heli-ski trips in Romania, and splitboarding tours in the Caucasus and Georgia. His base camp is in Zillertal, Austria - where he leads day tours during winter. While you are in Zillertal, you can meet him and go skiing with him.

Arctic Splitboarding

Jürgen is a real adventurer, who has lifted splitboarding to another level.

Among real enthusiasts, he is mostly known for his Arctic Splitboarding & Sailing tours.

With him, you can have a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your accommodation will be an actual ship named Comrades. This unique vessel will take you to the most exclusive coasts of the Arctic. The moving housing allows you to travel during the night, not wasting any time on transportation.

What is the recipe?

  • Get a professional guide = Jürgen ?
  • Find the location = the Arctic ⛰️
  • Choose a vessel for your accommodation = Comrades ?️ 
  • Invite some cool, unique people to join you = this would be You ? 
  • Splitboard endlessly and freely all-day ?? 

On Arctic trips, you can daily run guided splitboard tours. During the night, you are going to travel by Comrades, reaching your destination by the morning, where you can have breakfast and hit the powder snow.

Jürgen leads his Arctic splitboarding/freeriding tours between hand-picked mountain ranges in the fjord systems, like the Iceland Westfjords, Norway, Lyngenalps, Finmark, Svalbard, Spitzbergen – west coast, and even in Greenland for an exploration & scouting trip.

Of course, skiers are also welcome on Jürgen's tours.

Ahoy Mate ⚓

Comrades were built in 1958 as a fishing vessel, and it is one of the last ones remaining in this shape. The 17 meters hull is made of heavy red larch planks on massive sawn oak frames. She is in extraordinary condition.

All her cruising and fishing life in North Atlantic waters, she had been fully re-built last year.  The 65 years old fishing vessel has been custom-designed and converted to a splitboard expedition boat. Comrades have been outfitted with modern technical instruments and ready to serve as a floating home base for cruises and expeditions in the Arctic coastal mountains.