Everyone is familiar with the name Tyrol, as the area is perhaps the most famous province in Europe. The region in Austria is one of the strongholds of skiing, while in summer, those looking for an active hike in the Alps. Families with children are happy to explore gorges, do rafting, or hike into the green valleys.

On a German map, you will find Tyrol as "Tirol", and "Tirolo" in Italian. 

History of Tyrol

The region got its name from the Italian counties of Tyrol, who came from the present-day settlement of Tirolo.

The vast area formed a whole in Austria until 1919. It was later split in two during the Peace of Saint-Germain. The southern part of the province was annexed to Italy, leaving the northern territory to Austria with a smaller, separate (eastern) part.

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  • North Tyrol
  • Eastern Tirol (Östtirol)
North and Eastern Tyrol together form the province of Tyrol in Austria, which is one of the 9 provinces of Austria. It is based in the city of Innsbruck.

Tyrol map, Austria
Provinces of Austria map - Tyrol


  • North Tyrol (Nordtirol)
  • East Tyrol (Östtirol)

Together, the two area makes the Austrian province of Tyrol, which is one of the 9 provinces in the country. Its capital is Innsbruck.

In common parlance, when one refers to Tyrol, one usually refers to the region of North Tyrol in Austria. When it comes to Italian Tyrol, it is almost always called South Tyrol.

Tyrol's most important river is the Inn, the most populous city on its banks - Innsbruck.

Eastern Tirol (Östtirol)

The detachment of the southern part resulted in the detachment of a small area on the Austrian side that did not border each other (see map). This part is called Eastern Tyrol and is officially part of Tyrol, so it is not a separate territory.

Administratively, Eastern Tyrol (Östtirol) has always been part of Tyrol. It is also based in Innsbruck.

Map of Tyrol: regions

Regions of Tyrol

There are 9 districts or regions in the province

  • Innsbruck
  • Innsbruck-Land
  • Imst
  • Kitzbühel
  • Kufstein
  • Landeck
  • Lienz (Eastern Tirol)
  • Reutte
  • Schwaz


Tyrol has always played a major role in shipping between Italian, German, and Austrian territories. Therefore, the highway system is well established and busy.
The map below shows the motorway route in Tyrol.

Motorway of Tyrol, Austria map

South Tyrol, Italy

Officially, the Italian part is called South Tyrol, while the remaining northern and eastern parts are simply called Tyrol.

You can find the Maps of South Tyrol here. 


Tyrol lies entirely in the Alps, so the view is defined by the peaks of the mountain range. Austria's highest point, the Grossglockner, is also located here.

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