Having been visiting Slovenia for over a decade and living here since 2017, I’ve explored this petite but beautiful country. I can confirm that Slovenia is a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors. Here’s my recommended list of outdoor things to do in Slovenia – lasting from a couple of hours to a full day, during spring, summer, and autumn.

1. Bike Cheese Tour

Slovenia has a keen cheese-making tradition. Up high in the mountain plateaus, you’ll find small communities of herders making delicious cheese, each a different variety to the next valley.

On this tour around the stunning Soča Valley, you’ll get to explore fabulous mountain terrain via bike, learn about the lives of the herders, eat a traditional shepherd’s lunch, and, of course, get to sample delicious cheeses – all in the same day.

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2. Introductory Scuba Dive in Bled

Lake Bled is the poster child of Slovenia, famed for its picture-perfect setting and little island adorned with a church. But less well known is that it’s a great place to scuba dive due to the extremely clear water and abundance of fish.

This two-hour introductory ‘discovery dive’ will teach you the basics of dive safety before introducing you to the underwater world of Bled and its fabulous aquatic inhabitants.

3. Canyoning the Sušec

Get wet and wild with this fun three-hour activity in the Sušec canyon. Wetsuited and booted, you’ll slide down natural shoots, jump into clear pools, swim under waterfalls, and explore the beautiful river as it runs through stunning scenery.

Great for groups and families, this canyoning adventure is an exciting, hands-on experience for water-lovers.

4. Bled ebike Tour

This half-day tour is a super fun way to see the sights of Bled by bike and one of the most popular things to do in Slovenia. Ebikes allow anyone who can ride a normal bike to cruise along at a leisurely pace, so they are ideal for any age group.

Your guide will take you around the lake area, and this trip includes a ride on the traditional ‘Pletna’ boats out to Bled Island, a short hike for a lovely viewpoint (optional), before finishing off with a slice of the famed Bled cream cake.

5. Kayak or Raft the Soča

The Soča river, in west Slovenia, is one of the most stunning rivers in Europe. Its turquoise blue waters and white limestone bed make it look more like the Maldives than an Alpine river. Rafting and kayaking are great ways to see the views and get the adrenaline flowing as you take on the rapids of this gorgeous river.

For those who have never set foot in a boat, rafting is the best option as your guide will navigate and instruct you all the way. For the more experienced, kayaks provide a more individual ride down the river.

6. Kayak the Mežica Mine

One of the unique experiences in Slovenia or beyond, this full-day trip will take you deep underground to the flooded levels of the abandoned Mežica mine in northern Slovenia. Here, your guide will lead you through the tunnels and chambers via kayak whilst explaining the history of the mine and the lives of the miners who once worked there.

This tour includes transport to the mine, from Ljubljana or Bled (approx. 2 hours) and a tasty ‘miners’ lunch’, which is a unique experience.

7. Hike Triglav National Park

Slovenia’s national park, Triglav, is a wonderful place of untouched natural beauty, with hundreds of high mountain peaks, pastures, meadows, lakes, rivers, and valleys to explore. This full-day hike will take you to some of the best parts of the park, where your guide will teach you about this stunning location's plants, animals, history, and culture.

The routes are tailored individually for each group’s level, so this is an ideal activity for families or hardcore hikers looking to cover more serious terrain.

8. Postojna Caves Half-day Trip

Despite having visited Postojna caves multiple times (every time a friend visits Slovenia, I take them there), the impact of seeing this spectacular place never wears off. While the Škocjan caves are also amazing – I recommend Postojna for families with young children, or older visitors, as there’s a little train that takes you into the cave, which is a fun ride in itself (and it also means a little less walking overall).

The huge subterranean caverns in Postojna are something to behold, and the biomorphic stalactites and stalagmites are like something from an alien planet. This tour is available year-round and includes transport and guiding.

9. Škocjan Caves and the Lipizzaner Horses Tour

This day trip combines two of Slovenia’s best assets in a single trip: firstly, the famed Lipizzaner farm (the oldest continuously operating stud farm in the world), producing horses prized worldwide for their strength, agility, and intelligence, not to mention their beauty.

Next, you’ll visit the Škocjan Caves, a spectacular system with huge underground caverns, incredible limestone formations, and the subterranean river running through it all (think the Mines of Moria from the Lord of The Rings – and you’re in the right ballpark). The price includes your guide, transport, and lunch.

10. Caving in Srnica

If visiting the amazing Postojna or Škocjan caves has given you a taste for the underground, go even deeper with this three-hour caving trip near Bovec in west Slovenia.

Here, you’ll explore the ‘labyrinth’ with an experienced local guide and enjoy the wonder of this incredible cave system – an intricate system of tunnels and halls with a concealed entrance only locals know.

This three-hour trip includes transport, a guide, and all the equipment you’ll need to become a caver for the day.

11. Lake Bohinj Mini-Adventure Hike

Lake Bohinj is Lake Bled's bigger, less busy, and arguably more beautiful brother. On this half-day tour, you’ll get to explore the area around the lake and experience the best sights on offer, including:

These gentle, fun tours are ideal for families, couples, or friends.