Located in the heart of the Triglav National Park, the Trenta Valley is far from the hustle and any city life. The valley is famous for its natural and untouched beauty. But the advantage of Trenta is not limited here, as it is also the source of the River Soca.

Here, one finds many to admire, and there are natural and cultural attractions along the entire length of the valley. In addition to the Soca source, there is a museum, a botanical garden, and the Kugy monument. The view of the valley is made exceptional by the classic Slovenian-style wooden houses.

The horseshoe-shaped valley is approx. 20 km long.

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Today it plays only a tourist role in the life of Slovenia. Locals mined for iron ore for 200 years, but the growing competition put the cost of digging and transporting so much that production stopped and the mine closed in 1778.


Trenta Valley, Slovenia

Where is the Trenta Valley?

Getting there, approach, distance, parking, entrance

The valley is located in the Bovec region, in the middle of the Triglav National Park, Slovenia. The peaks of Mt Triglav, Vrsic, and Mangart surround the valley. The nearest town is Bovec.

  • Address: Trenta 31, 5232 Soca, Slovenia
  • Coordinates: 46.38036, 13.75264
  • GPS coordinates: 46 ° 22 ′ 49.2960 ”N 13 ° 45 ′ 9.5040” E

The climate of the valley is pleasant due to the warm winds blowing from the Adriatic Sea. As winter approaches, so does the weather. Expect fresh, sometimes pungent air from autumn.

Trenta map - Kranjska Gora distance


There are 3 settlements in the Trenta Valley:

  • Soča (named after the river Soca)
  • Lepena (also named after the river flowing through the valley)
  • Trenta (which gave the whole valley its name)

Here, find the most beautiful attractions of the Trenta Valley:

#1 The Source of Soca

River Soca is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia, after Kolpa. Its spring is the most popular karst spring in the Slovenian Alps.

The source is a tiny waterfall that appears on the hillside. It’s a bit hard to see.

  • Address: Trenta 72, 5232 Soca, Slovenia
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates: 46.40952, 13.7254
  • GPS coordinates: 46 ° 24 ′ 34.2864 ”N 13 ° 43 ′ 31.4436” E

#2 Turar Farm

Turar Farm is one of the most famous traditional buildings in the Trenta Valley. It is a great example of the Slovenian architectural heritage. The characteristic feature of Slovenian-style country houses is that they were built of half stone and half wood.

#3 Kekceva Domacija Farm

The Kekceva Domacija farm is the place where the famous Slovenian children's film Kekec takes place. The movie is about a shepherd boy.

#4 Goat cheese

The alpine world of Slovenia cannot be left without tasting the famous Slovenian goat cheese. This is also the case in Trenta, where, in addition to tasting, you can also pet the grazing animals.

#5 Kugy Monument

Dr. Julius Kugy (1858-1944) was an explorer in the Slovenian Alps. Its bronze figure faces Jalovec and other majestic peaks rising above the valley. The monument is located on the Bovec-Vrsic road, at the 49th bend of the Vrsic road.

  • Address: Trenta 67, 5232 Soca, Slovenia
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates: 46.40385, 13.74234
  • GPS coordinates: 46 ° 24 ′ 13.8600 ”N 13 ° 44 ′ 32.4348” E

#6 Mlinarica Gorge

The picturesque Mlinarica Gorge with its steep high walls is an important natural attraction in the Triglav National Park. The Mlinarica Falls has carved a ravine 1 km long and 100 meters deep, which narrows into breathtaking troughs just before its confluence with the river Soca.

One of the most amazing parts of the gorge is the 8-meter high waterfall to the mouth of the troughs.

  • Address: Trenta 66a, 5232 Soca, Slovenia
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates: 46.40267, 13.74581
  • GPS coordinates: 46 ° 24 ′ 9.6372 ”N 13 ° 44 ′ 44.9160” E

#7 Alpinum Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden

Alpinum Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden is Slovenia's first and only alpine botanical garden in a natural setting. It was founded in 1926 by Albert Bois de Chesne.

It is protected as a landscaped natural monument and a natural treasure of national significance. In this stunning botanical garden you will find almost all the species of alpine plants that exist (over 600 species), including Scabiosa Trenta, a flower to which the famous Trieste climber, Julius Kugy, has dedicated most of his life.

It is situated at an altitude of about 800 m above sea level with an area of ​​2572 m².

The garden can be visited on the Bovec-Trenta road. Near the Church of the Virgin Mary in Loreto, a clearly visible sign indicates the garden on the right.

The garden is open from 1 May until 30 September, daily from 08:30 to 18:30.

  • Entrance fee: 3 euros
  • Address: Trenta 64, 5232 Soca, Slovenia
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates: 46.39663, 13.74541
  • GPS coordinates: 46 ° 23 ′ 47.8752 ”N 13 ° 44 ′ 43.4760” E

#8 Triglav National Park Information Center

The information center features an exhibition on the natural features of the Trenta Valley and the Soča Valley. At the Trenta Museum, you can learn about the rich cultural and ethnological heritage of the region.

It is open all year, except from 1 November to 26 December.

  • Entrance fee: 5 euros
  • Address: Trenta 31, 5232 Soca, Slovenia
  • Geographical coordinates: 46.38036, 13.75264
  • GPS coordinates: 46 ° 22 ′ 49.2960 ”N 13 ° 45 ′ 9.5040” E

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