When visiting Tyrol, you cannot come home without visiting at least one of the beautiful 13 gorges. The fabulous region is full of wild canyons just waiting for you to explore. You can easily find a family-friendly one that the children will also love. Examples include the Leutaschklamm (see the main picture) or the Wolfsklamm.

There are 13 gorges in Tyrol, which have been mapped and recommended by the Tyrolean Tourist Board. All of these are officially accessible, mapped routes.

Opening hours & Season

The gorges are mostly open from May to the end of October, fortunately, every day during the season. All gorges can be said to close during heavy rain, so in case of bad weather, it is worth calling the ticket booth to ensure it is open.

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Child friendly?

Most of the gorges are family-friendly. Usually, there is no minimum age requirement to enter the canyons. However, we recommend you choose your pick based on the gorge's length and level difference. In most cases, children under 6 years old can enter for free.


None of the gorges is barrier-free. Unfortunately, you can't enter with a pram or wheelchair.


Most of the gorges are dog-friendly. A leash is usually mandatory. Please note that some trails have higher level differences, or the path is made of an iron grid which might not be the most comfortable path for your dog's legs.


Since Innsbruck is the seat of the province of Tyrol, the distances from the city of Innsbruck are given to help you find your way around. The tree closest gorges are Wolfsklamm (35 km), Leutaschklamm (45 km), and Gleirschklamm (40 km).

Gorges in Tyrol Innsbruck distance
Leutaschklamm 42 km
Gleirschklamm 41 km
Wolfsklamm 35 km
Griessbachklamm 100 km
Kaiserklamm 61 km
Kundlerklamm 55 km
Radurschlklamm 100 km
Rosengartenschlucht 63 km
Schnannerklamm 93 km
Tiefenbachklamm 54 km
Zammer Lötzklamm 75 km
Glemmbachklamm 94 km
Hölltal 85 km

So let's see what the most beautiful gorges are one by one! (The gorges are not ranked, meaning there is no order of popularity between them.)

Tip: if you're unfamiliar with Austria's provinces and maps, you'll find the most important maps of Tyrol in this article.

#1 Leutaschklamm

The Leutaschklamm is undoubtedly one of the favourite sights in Tyrol. The designers connected unimaginable sights with the help of steel bridges built at enormous heights. The trail consists of two parts; one is high up, while the other is the Geisterklamm, a smaller narrow gorge.

Leutaschklamm, Tyrol
Leutaschklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 45 km
Location Leutasch
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices 3 euros
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day (10:00 - 17:00 / 18:00)
Duration 3 hours
Parking Leutasch (5 euros)

Another interesting feature of the route is that the signs along the road present stories specially made for children. You can learn more about the legend of the gorge from the stories.

#2 Gleirschklamm

The Gleirsch valley is located north of Innsbruck. The valley (carved by the river Gleirsch) promises a wild but romantic excursion. Many believe that the region next to the Karwendel mountain chain truly presents the picturesque beauty of Tyrol.

Gleirschklamm, Tyrol - Austria
Gleirschklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 40 km
Location Scharnitz
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season Mid May - Early October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 3 - 4 hours
Parking Karwendel car park in Scharnitz

Although the hiking trail is well-built, confident movement coordination is essential. The gorge part of the trail takes only 45 - 60 minutes, while the entire hike takes approximately 3 - 3.5 hours.

During this time, you will pass near waterfalls, sometimes through wider and narrower corridors. Several species of birds are native to the gorge, whose songs can entertain you. The starting point is in Scharnitz, from where you have to follow the Isarsteig route.

#3 Wolfsklamm gorge

Our personal favourite is the Wolfsklamm gorge. The classic bridged gorge with wooden platforms will be a real experience for the whole family. Narrow corridors and winding paths are waiting for you to discover them. The wild and romantic gorge has a total of 354 steps.

Wolfsklamm gorge, Tyrol
Wolfsklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 35 km
Location Stans
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices 5 - 3 euros
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day (09:00 - 16:00)
Duration 3 hours
Parking Paid parking lot

While you count the steps and admire the surrounding rock walls, the emerald green colour of the Stanserbach river pleases you below. Meanwhile, you can also see many waterfalls, natural pools, and birds.

Towards the end of the road, you can see the Felsenkloster Monastery and the Alpenpark Karwendel Reserve. The gorge has been open to the public for more than 100 years.

#4 Griessbachklamm

Grießbachklamm is one of the most beautiful gorges in the Kirchdorf and Erpfendorf regions. The gorge and its surroundings are perfect if you are looking for half a day of relaxation.

Griessbachklamm gorge, Tyrol | Website
Griessbachklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 100 km
Location Erpfendorf
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 4 hours (10 km)
Parking Griesbachklamm car park (6 euros)

During the hike, you will cross a 25-meter-long suspension bridge and pass through narrow gorges and paths. At about 2/3 of the way, the gorge widens, where you can have a picnic and rest. The total length of the trail is 10 km. Calculate 4 hours to finish it, and maybe an extra 30 minutes with younger kids.

Attention! Since there are no barriers on the new path, some caution is required!

#5 Kaiserklamm

Not only hikers enjoy the Kaiserklamm in Brandenberg, but also kayak lovers, as the gorge is home to one of the best white water rafting in Austria. So while you’re hiking there, determined kayakers conquer the gorge from below.

Kaiserklamm - Tyrol, Austria
Kaiserklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 60 km
Location Brandenberg
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 1 hour (2 km)
Parking Kaiserhaus inn

The hiking trail in the gorge is about 1 km, while the whole trip is approximately 2 km. Count 1 hour to complete the program. The elevation gain is about 50 meters, which is quite insignificant. Initially, a tighter road leads through bridges, rock-carved tunnels and planks and then widens as you move forward.

#6 Kundlerklamm

The Kundlerklamm between Kundl and Wildschönau Mühltal is a real geological paradise. At the entrance to the gorge, you can see special rock formations. The roughly 1-hour trail is easy and also ideal for children.

Kundler gorge, Kundlerklamm - Tyrol, Austria
Kundlerklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 60 km
Location Kundl
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 1 hour
Parking Near the entrance

#7 Radurschlklamm

The so-called Tyrolean Oberland countryside is a real hiking paradise. You must overcome rocky, mossy hiking trails and suspension bridges on the way while walking along waterfalls in a rich forest.

Radurschlklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 100 km
Location Pfunds
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season Mid May - Mid October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 2 - 3 hours
Parking After Pfunds roundabout (free)

The whole family can walk the gorge comfortably in about 2.5 to 3 hours. The route is well signed, well built and easy - not technical. Along the way, you can see waterfalls, and at the end of the trail, you reach a huge meadow where you can also relax on the benches.

Tip: The Radurschlklamm gorge is famous for its unique mosses, grasses and ferns. So if you love these little things, this is your place. 

#8 Rosengartenschlucht

The fabulous Rosengarten gorge starts from the town of Imst, making it one of the closest gorges to the city of Innsbruck.

Rosengartenschlucht gorge - Tyrol, Austria
Rosengartenschlucht Details
Innsbruck distance 65 km
Location Imst
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 1.5 hours
Parking Imst centre

The 1.5-kilometre-long strait, carved by the Schinderbach River, is a real natural treasure that is the pride of the locals. Despite the name, no roses can be found in the gorge, but special mosses and ferns. The town of Imst regularly organizes botanical excursions.

#9 Schnannerklamm

Climbing or hiking? Here you have the opportunity for both. In the Schnannerklamm gorge, you will find a "bouldering track" and 42 climbing routes of varying difficulty.

Schnannerklamm gorge
City centre
Schnannerklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 95 km
Location Schnann
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season June - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 2 hours

One of the most beautiful sights in the Arlberg region awaits you. You can also see waterfalls along the safe route.

#10 Tiefenbachklamm

Tiefenbachklamm is another jewel in the province. Like the previous gorges, the gorge between Kramsach and Brandenberg is ideal for children. While hiking in the gorge, it’s also not uncommon to see kayakers, as the gorge is a popular destination for white water paddlers.

Tiefenbachklamm gorge, Tyrol

The hiking trail is about 4 km long, which you can complete in about 1 hour without stops. At the end of the path, you reach a valley where you can have lunch, buy ice cream, and have a beer. You can reach the gorge from Brandenberg and Kramsach.

Tiefenbachklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 55 km
Location Brandenberg
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 1.5 hours (4 km)

#11 Zammer Lochputz

How about an old blacksmith shop, a stone-carved staircase, and a mountain cave? You can see all this if you visit the short but marrowy 600 m long Zammer gorge.

Zammer Lochputz gorge
Zammer Lochputz Details
Innsbruck distance 75 km
Location Zams
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices 4 - 5 euros
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day (10:00 - 17:00)
Duration 30 mins (0.6 km)

In connection with a legend, you can see the shepherd boy and the nymph in their stone form, the suspension bridge, the cave, the waterfall, the blacksmith workshop, and much more. The gorge is a real experience for kids as they will enjoy the story woven into the tale.

One of the most beautiful points of the gorge is the 30 m high Lötz waterfall.

#12 Glemmbachklamm

If you are looking for a secluded and relaxed program, a trip to the Glemmbachklamm will be just right. In the southern part of the lesser-known Thierseetal valley, you will find romantic countryside next to the village of Landl.

Glemmbachklamm gorge | © Gipfelfieber
Glemmbachklamm Details
Innsbruck distance 95 km
Location Landl
Kid-friendly? With older kids
Prices Free
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 4 hours (15 km)
Duration Gasthaus Krämerwirt Inn (village of Landl)

However, you can only reach the Glemmbach gorge with a more technical route, so we do not recommend it for smaller children.

Don’t expect a lot of roads or wooden planks here. Along the way, steel cables will help you progress, but beyond that, there’s only you and nature. As you move forward, the gorge will narrow. You may even get further if you enter the stream. Sounds adventurous, right?

Starting from the guest house in the village of Landl, go towards Riedenberg and then at the first fork towards Jochberg. And after the village, turn left into the gorge.

#13 Hölltal Gorge

The gorge in the Lechtal valley is notable for being 40 m high, and there are points where it is only 45 cm wide! Fortunately, the impressive route is family-friendly.

Hölltal gorge, Tyrol | tyrol.com
Höllental gorge Details
Innsbruck distance 85 km
Location Bschlabs
Kid-friendly? Yes
Prices Free
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day
Duration 1 hour

Another interesting thing about the gorge is that you can admire the wooden works of local artists along the way. The masterpieces were created to present the history and culture of the valley.

The tour starts at the Maria Schnee church, where you have to cross the Streimbach river by crossing the suspension bridge. You can also find the hiking route as the "Trail of Senses". The path will be signposted all the way, at the end of which the gorge will be waiting.

Tyrol has plenty of opportunities for those who love gorges. This fabulous world attracts young and old alike. All gorges are less than an hour from Innsbruck, so distance should not be a problem. If you are in the area between May and October, visit one of the gorges!

We hope you found the summary useful. If so, save this link for later or share it with your friends. Have a nice trip! Trekhunt team ❤️